back to article Google flirts with new-look home page

Google is testing out a new look for its iconic search page, featuring cleaner, bolder graphics and a default side bar. A small number of Google users have already been seeing the changes over the past week or so, although it's not clear when, if ever, the new search interface will be widely deployed. As you can see from …


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  1. Gangsta


    The cookie paste code is not working?

    -Cleared cookies

    -forced No country redirect

    -logged out

    -pasted js

  2. jake Silver badge


    Most people with a clue ignore google in their day-to-day lives.

  3. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    Not a fan of the sidebar...

    And the colour scheme and buttons feel almost SimCity 4-ish to me. Is this a video game or an information tool?

    It looks very much like a case of “chrome creep." (The double meaning here is both unintentional and likely true.) I [insert list of computer-related activities viewed as moderately complex by the average person] for a living and [list of boring but complicated activities] in my spare time. For all that, I’m still irritated by *unnecessary* complexity. (Style is both a relative concept with roots in individual taste, and very much so NOT a feature. Espessially when said style adds to complexity.)

    This holds true for everything from consumer electronics to websites, operating systems, cars, phones, or just about anything else. Start with the simple, and make the complex an “out of the way” option turned on only by those who have a specific need or desire to use it. (Notice how the “sidebar” can’t be told to go away and never return?)

    All these newfangled interface elements make me feel a lot older than I should. I liked Google back in the day because it was an extremely simply text return of my search results. Then image results and maps started creeping their way in, now we have a sidebar. It's looking and behaving more and more like Bing every month.

    Anyone got a search engine with a simplified interface for us old timers? (Seriously...anyone know of a third party site that strips the chrome from Google?)

    I suppose I'll just have to get used to it. :( Speaking out against it will inevitably become blasphemy, just like "for all the crowing, I don't actually like the look of the iPhone," or "even after months of straight use, that ribbon bar really doesn't seem all that useful to me." (The one that really got me a lecture on my misunderstanding of the importance of “style” was the blasphemy against Win 7’s new “Start Menu,” an abomination for which I believe the blame rests solely on KDE 4. May they both burn in the fiery inferno of something fiery and inferno-like.)

    And get off my lawn!

    1. Alan Esworthy

      simple and anonymous front-end runs using ssl and puts your queries through an anonymizing set of proxies, then returns a minimally formatted list without ads. Quite nice. And there's a search engine add-on for Firefox to make things especially convenient.

  4. Onionman



  5. Anon


    Buttons that don't look like buttons. That's helpful.

  6. Hermes Conran


    "Google Blogoscope has discovered a trick that allows users to try the new look ahead of schedule"

    Can we have a "Get A Life" icon please

  7. Paul_Murphy

    Not impressed.

    It's starting to look messy.

    If they want a side bar then integregrate the top selections into it (web, image video etc.) and make an effort to present the information usefully.

    I'm stating to wonder how much like Microsoft they are becoming - does producing an OS do this to people?

    Stick to clean display and present the information people want - too much stuff going on makes it confusing.


  8. BristolBachelor Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    So that's where all my RSS went

    Google (uk) is the only way I can access some things from work (Spain) (including Reg headlines!)

    I wasn't happy this morning to find all my news had been deleted; thanks Google!!

    As for how the page looks... For god's sake.

    Tell you what Google: first change your 'search' engine so that it only returns pages that have what I searched for. Then worry about what it looks like.

  9. Steve Foster


    Clearly, they've copied them from ElReg's new-style Comments page!

  10. Matt 13
    Thumb Down


    the reason I use google is that is quick, clean and simple... I type searches and it gives me answers...

    If i wanted clutter around my answers id Bing or use another search engine... although ironicly Id probably have to google those first - do they exist anymore?!

    a big thumbs down from me... the current layout aint broke, so dont 'fix' it

  11. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    we are not amused...


  12. hmmm

    It was good while it lasted

    The slow demise of every good search engine can be traced back to the point at which they felt a need to clutter up their search interface. Some people just can't leave well enough alone.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's, um, THE SAME!

    You type in your search terms and hit a button.

    Nothing more to be said really, unless you are one of those types that actually believe someone telling you that the new design is more important than how it works.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    (Sort of) Broken

    Looks good, though your CMS seems to have screwed the link up and turned " quotes (ascii code 34) into “ quotes (ascii code 31) - as such your posted link doesn't work.

    The link on works fine though.

  15. Samo

    Old fashioned

    Meh, call me old fashioned, but I like the old (current) one more. The whole point of the Google look was that it's spartan, not much... Just my search results, and a choice to choose between web / images / videos etc will be fine, no need to ass a sidebar that does exactly the same thing.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Looks like the crap they have done with the uimage search.

    Ugly fugly.

  17. Anon the mouse

    looks like bing.

    Soon the only difference will be which irrelevant results you get.


  18. DZ-Jay

    Re: Looks like Bing.

    I second that!

    After complaining about the clutter of Bing and the ostensibly superior simplicity and elegance of their own site, Google decided it was all bollocks and copied their look anyway.

    It's good to see that a bit of competition keeps them on their toes.


  19. Ian Ferguson

    Looks like Windows XP

    You know, the crayon-designed blobby primary coloured version that you have to endure for whole minutes until you figure out how to revert to the businesslike grey.

    And calling the options the 'sidebar' reeks of Vista!

    Still - I wonder if their intention is to make it look the same in all browsers and platforms. The buttons currently look different, for example, in OS X Safari to Windows IE.

  20. Mike Flugennock

    Huh. Can't get it to work here

    ...not that it matters that much, but the paste-in code's not working for me, here. Not like that's ruined my day or anything.

  21. Flybert

    @Looks like Windows XP

    I don't think it looks like XP, but if they implement this they'll need to add a "Classic" button, and yes .. my WinXP looks like Win2000 ;-)

    and I don't get the point of the "I'm feeling lucky" thing .. never clicked it .. does it search for nothing or everything ? ..

    I'd simplify what they currently have, put the text link "Search" to the right of the search bar for the few that haven't figured out "Enter" .. get rid of both buttons and kill off "I'm feeling lucky"

  22. tebiru
    Paris Hilton


    What a bunch of drama queens you lot are!

  23. k d

    don't be evil + industrial design... would be unstoppable...

    If only google would employ some decent industrial designers, they woudl be unstoppable!

    99% of Apple's success is due to beautiful design. Unfortunately ruined by a lack of "don't be evil" mentality. They are unlikely to ever change their mentality, so will always produce products that are both awesome and suck at the same time.

    Google has the correct mentality, but is run by a bunch of clueless nerds with no taste for good design. This is at least potentially fixable.

    Oh, and their new google page is still ugly, and always has been.

  24. David Sidebotham
    Jobs Horns

    Have you tried saying Google Wave

    I mean: Woogle Gave, Whoogle Gave, Doogle Have, Boogle Lave.... I must start drinking a bit more. This tongue only works with proper lubrication.

  25. emcee

    Well, that explains it.

    Apparently, I'm in that small number already seeing the changes. No one seemed to know what I was talking about when I was complaining about Google's crappy new interface.

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