back to article Wikipedia bans Volvo's IT over racist rants

Wikipedia has banned editing from machines inside Volvo Information Technology - the outfit that operates the Swedish auto maker's IT infrastructure - after someone in the organization vandalized the free encyclopedia with a pair of profanity-laden racist rants. Yesterday, an anonymous Wikifiddler sitting behind the IP address …


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  1. Ryan Barrett

    Someone's going to get the sack..

    Worked for Volvo for six years so I know that they take a dim of racism (and contributing to wikipedia in general, I think). Someone's getting the sack.

    What is odd though is that just before I left they instituted a new network filtering system, which blocked pretty much any useful website. IIRC that included wikipedia. Which would have made it hard to fiddle with the wiki.

    Any current Volvo-ers know if that's still the case?

  2. summator

    Scared About Loosing Job?

    What about somebody sitting behind IP ?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like...

    ...Volvo IT have a /b/tard in their midst! It'll be worth keeping an eye on 4chan in the coming weeks for a poster BAWWWWWing about being sacked from Volvo IT because he Wikifiddled for the lulz...

  4. Marvin the Martian

    Time to fire someone

    It's not like any Swede has ever known or cared about cricket. So it's a foreign (read: UK, Pakistani, or similar) IT techie bringing the company in disrepute... Jobs will be lost. Righty, it seems.

  5. Winkypop Silver badge

    Was it the Swedish Chef?

    Ah wonner who th' naughty parson wes who made th' nasty comments was?

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