back to article Reg readers reveal their holiday toilet texting plans

As our US readers get ready to head home for the holidays and our UK readers face up to the fact that Christmas/Yule/2010 is just around the corner, it's time to deliver the final word on the issue of toilet texting. Last month, Intel claimed that research showed that three quarters of Americans feel it is "perfectly …


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  1. SirTainleyBarking

    Yeah, and?

    Yes I sit on the bog with a Blackberry surfing the net, even El Reg.

    Don't worry, I have a different Nokia for making voice calls, and that always stays on my desk when the call of nature comes.

    If of course you are daft enough to phone me after hours at home (Yes Bob in New Jersey I am referring to you,) you have to take the rough with the smooth.

    If you're lucky it'll be the TV in the background. If you're unlucky.......

  2. Anonymous Coward

    No way!

    No, sorry! The throne is one place where I can switch off and just stare at the walls. Jesus wept, you people are weird! Your brain needs to switch off once in a while, stare into space and day-dream, the kharzi is the one place I love nothing better than to sit in silence and let my mind wander!

  3. Law
    Big Brother

    I do enjoy these

    I do enjoy these roundup of witty/funny comments. I had hoped Ms Bee would have kept hers up, but unless I missed it, one never appeared on Friday, ruined my whole weekend. :'(

    I suffer from ibs, so unlike Anon 21.30 - staring at the walls in deep zen contemplation is usually not an option, it's either keep occupied with fb/solitaire/el-reg - or my colleagues hear a grown man cry. Calls are a no no.

    I know of at least one colleague who takes reference books from the bookshelf, on one occasion, he took one of my books, for an hour... I shall be leaving it whenever I part ways with the company.

  4. Sludge

    It's not just the men

    I worked for an organisation with many female senior VPs. We had 1 who lost 2 Blackberry's down the bog and she complained the wifi signal in there was too weak for her laptop.

    We also had a female helpdesk person who confirmed that there were couches in the ladies and that certain members of staff would go down there for naps during the day. said person also gave us the heads up on who didnt wash their hands after using the loo so that after working on certain peolple's PCs we knew to wash out hands.

  5. Paul 4


    Womens loos do have Sofa's, at least in up-market shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

  6. Tanuki

    Flushed with success?

    I don't get a signal in my lav, either from my mobile-provider or from the wireless-router in the study. Running a RJ45 cable to the loo would be a bit of an electrical hazard, too. So my khazi remains as a little place of peace and tranquility.

  7. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have but one use for my Twitter account

    namely, updates on my bowel motions. I feel it would be cheating my followers to make these updates from anywhere other than the seat of the action. After all, color and texture matters, right?

    1. SirTainleyBarking

      I think you mispelt


      Needs a different consonant chap!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why the hangups?

    I personally dislike people who spend the evening obsessively texting or taking calls in a social situation; as the Reg's female reader says, if you're texting, you're not showing much interest in those you're out with.

    The bog, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely, and nothing beats a good read while laying a cable or two. El reg is my usual choice, although if it looks like a long session, there's plenty of time to catch up on some Noam Chomsky article. I don't text much anyway, but I will respond to emails. And I don't usually take calls as they often need a piece of paper you can actually write on, but I will make calls, usually to those I'm not too fond of, like the local council or some client who gets on my nerves - it's a sort of reverse of that old interview advice about imagining the interviewer on the toilet to calm your nerves. I think in my case it's an intentional form of disrespect.

    My girlfriend has a different take though. I often give her a quick call when she's off the tube in the morning, but if I time it wrong, she's invariably not at her desk, but parking her breakfast, and she answers the phone more out of a desire to shut the damn thing up - she knows if she lets it ring out I'll just call back in case she hadn't heard.

  10. Trixr
    Paris Hilton

    Sorry to skew the demographics

    Yeah, here's another "geek girl", although apparently I -am- the "typical" kind - who is it that crawls under desks and behind server racks with skirts and high heels on?

    Not that I'm unhappy about any wardrobe choices my sistren make - nothing wrong with a skirt and high heels ... on -other- people.

    As for texting at the table, when you're sharing it with someone else - yeah, sorry, if someone hasn't dropped dead, why don't you f#ck off and do that by yourself, like the probable bulk of your sexual activity. Obviously, if you're more interested in your phone than me on a -date-, it ain't going to get any better. Similarly if you're supposed to be enjoying a meal with a friend - um, hello, you could at least pretend that your "friend" is worth spending time with.

    Also, if someone voice-calls from the loo, I simply say "Give me a call back at a better time" and hang up. Gross. As for the pathetic excuse that you simply must pick up if someone rings you in the facilities, no, you let it go to voice mail and either text back or wait till you're done. There's nothing so critical that it can't wait 5 minutes to finish a dump.

  11. Adam Salisbury

    No! Bad! Wrong!

    Texting, surfing? OK maybe that's acceptable as long as you don't mind the biohazardous residue left on that shiny touch screen but taking a call on the crapper is about the most insulting way to converse with somone, nothing's so urgent that it can't wait until the proverbial kids have been dropped at the pool. One of our salesmen can be found braying to customers from the mens room which begs the question: How the f*&k does he make any sales with manners like that?

    Just remember nothing says "Hey I've got so little respect for you I'll call you mid-strain" than the guy in the next cubicle loudly flushing the chain mid-conversation, it's a great laugh!! :D

  12. Chris Collins


    Am I a luddite for preferring paper based reading material when dropping the kids off at the pool? Certainly don't want anything instantaneous happening, it is a time for relaxation and quiet contemplation.

    Any comms at dinner time is a no-no. No reading, typing or writing.

  13. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    A use for the mythical Apple tablet

    As the owner of a tablet PC, I find that The Register is excellent reading matter for the smallest room. Apologies tr Ms Bee 'but I've even commented while enthroned...

    Thus I shall name the Apple tablet, if it ever appears, The iPoo.

  14. alyn

    A better name

    We've already had a better name for any of Mr Jobs (sorrry, but I couldn't resist that one!) products - the crapple.

    P.S. Now I think we know why so many el reg posters can't type, It's difficult to see the tiny screen while your eyes are screwed up with the effort.

  15. Roby

    Oh no

    Sometimes I am talking to someone on the phone for 20 mins, and then I hear the toilet flush. Somewhat disturbed, I enquire, 'what was that?', knowing the answer already, but hoping I'm wrong. 'Oh I was on the toilet,' she replies. I'm now aware of the fact that during our 20 min conversation she was pooing.

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