back to article Tivo to return to UK in 2010

Virgin Media has announced impending plans to deliver Tivo to UK homes. Tivo, the original PVR service, will provide “middleware and user interface software” for co-branded Virgin Media next-generation set-top boxes due to arrive in Blighty at some point next year. Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media, said: “Our fibre-optic …


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  1. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Woohoo! Shit!

    Awesome, my TiVo series 1 is still going strong but it could really do with HD support and twin tuners.

    But what a pisser that the new TiVo is going to be tied to Virgin's crappy cable service which I can't get.

    Let's hope TiVo tie up with a Freeview box manufacturer and put their awesome software in a useful box.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Good News

    This is indeed good news.

    TiVo was, is and will almost always be the leader in terms of interface and function.

    Having moved to Virgin away from TiVo+Sky... I still hate the clunky, messy and confusing Virgin interface.

    Happy days.

  3. Ian K
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    Has to be an improvement

    Virgin Media's current PVR box (or its UI, at least) sucks like a hoover; 5 or so button presses to get to the recorded program list, no "resume playback" feature if you stop part way through a program, loses all configuration settings if you do any sort of reset at all... Horrid, horrid, horrid.

    I for one welcome our new Tivo overlords.

  4. Andrew Ducker


    I've been intending to dump Virgin, but I loved my Tivo to bits, and if it's coming back then I _need_ one...

  5. BigSpoon0

    Nice, but...

    ...I would still prefer the ability to connect my cable to my Windows 7-powered Media Centre.

    The VM interface on the HD box is awful, can't render the on-screen menus in 1080p and the hard disk is LOUD.

  6. Marc Goldman


    Still use my original TiVo over Sky+ despite it only being single tuner as it's still unmatched in ease of use and family friendliness.

    I can move to HD much happier knowing we can get a newer version of TiVo soon.

  7. Toastan Buttar
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    Sky+ FTW

    It'll take a hell of a good system to beat Sky+ for ease of use. I was originally sceptical of our family's need for it but we couldn't go back to ordinary telly now. "It just works".

  8. StooMonster


    It's a shame that Virgin Media's picture quality is so low compared to Sky's platform, otherwise this would be tempting.

    What I do find ironic is New Corp moaning about the BBC on one hand, but then locking up their platform on the other. Why can't we have anyone make set-top-boxes for Sky? That way there would be choice (i.e. could buy whatever box one wishes and not limited to what 'Sky engineer' has on his van) and we could see some variation (i.e. three tuners, 576i output for SD channels, Tivo interface, etc.).

  9. Chris Hatfield

    Super Excited that TiVo are back in the UK

    Seriously. I LOVE TiVO. No other PVR comes close.

    Shame it's just on Virgin. PLEASE, TIVO, do a freeview box or something. I will pay thorugh the nose for one. Tivo saves me time, which is worth a lot.

  10. Paul Hates Handles

    Way better than Sky+

    My Tivo #1 is an awesome piece of kit. the Sky+ box could have benefited from their software as they're kinda crap.

    Anyone want to buy a 160Gb #1 Tivo with a Terbonet card inside? :D

  11. Stephane Mabille
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    Bring it back...


    If only TiVo could come back in a dual HD tuner for Sky..... MY serie 1 TiVo was sooooo much better and stable that my Sky HD box.

    Not in a Virgin area (and not kind on Virgin anyway) I'll probably be stuck with my Sky HD for the time being, can't really see Sky opening the market to any other vendor, even TiVo...

  12. Jolyon
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    Woo hoo from me too

    Tivo is still the best system going - everyone I know who was lucky enough to get one in the UK has hung onto it in preference to Sky+ / V+ (for anyone who says Sky+ will take some beating have you actually used any other systems?)


    @ Ian K

    "Virgin Media's current PVR box (or its UI, at least) sucks like a hoover; 5 or so button presses to get to the recorded program list, no "resume playback" feature if you stop part way through a program, loses all configuration settings if you do any sort of reset at all... Horrid, horrid, horrid."

    I have to say I don't get any of that. From memory V+ -> Select -> Select gets to recorded programmes by date, there's options to start from the beginning, last viewed time or any arbitrary point in the programme and the couple of resets I have done haven't wiped any setting that I noticed.

    What box do you have?

  13. Karnka


    I too am still using my series 1 Tivo. I wouldn't say it's going strong as it occasionally gets a little upset/confused but I have really been dreading the day it dies for good.

    Just needs to keep going a little longer now!

  14. whitespacephil

    I'm very excited...

    ...that TiVo is coming back to the UK. I have, since 2003, continued to pay them £10/month to keep my original TiVo Series 1 up and running. I know that sounds mad, but I just can't stress how good the EPG and the whole navigation system on the TiVo is. Now that my TV Drive (ok, V+HD box to the rest of you) is going to get TiVo too, I may even be able to put the old Series 1 out to pasture.

    Thank you TiVo. Thank you Virgin.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    VM Picture quality

    Picture quality is terrible on Virgin. Compared to Freesat or even freeview, both SD and HD channels bear no comparison.

    Without doubt the worst quality picture of any provider I've ever seen.

    I can't bear to watch it for more than 5 minutes, god knows why anyone would record it.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Avoid, avoid

    So that article nicely outlines why you should avoid the new Tivo then - tie ins with Virgin Media, and Google Snooping on your viewing habits.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    It had been runmoured for ages that Humax would pull their finger out and do a UK PVR Freeview TIVO but never came about did it.

    Also on another note other than the core what part of virgins tv/bb network is fibre exactly as the cabs only do fibre for the phone service not tv/bb and virgins box's suck like a kirby on steroids on a windy day!

    I miss my old series1 and had to plump for sucky Sky+ and now skyhd.

    Sky actually bought out the UK arm many moons ago hoping that they could nick bits of the tv service for their own use in the uk but then refused to pay tivo international the rights to use said software so were lumbered with the UK userbase and keeping it going as most people had sense and bought lifetime subs instead of monthly!

  18. Nic Brough 1


    Yay Tivo.

    Shame it's Virgin though, they're absolute shite. Even if I could use them in my current house, I'd rather give up TV and the interwebs than give them money for their "service"

  19. Ash!

    I love TiVo

    Toastan Buttar - I presume that you've never used a TiVo, then???

    I do wish TiVo would stop mucking about and just officially release the twin-tuner DVB-T box that they've got Down Under.

    (Series1 here, still going strong!)

  20. Woody 4

    Tivo F up again...

    Why do Tivo insist on partnering with specific broadcasters? Do they not understand the have a fantastic platform and there are people in the UK who want it?

    First time round they sign a distribution agreememnt with news corp, who royally screw them by bringing out sky+

    now they jump into bed with a cable company? what about all us people who don't have cable in our area. I wouldn't use them anyway, Virgin sucks!

    If a company was to bring out a Freesat / Freeview HD DVR equivalent box that has a Tivo interface then I'd buy it. Build it and they shall come!

    Too late AGAIN though I guess Tivo - your website says mutually exclusive, so I'm going to stick to Sky+

  21. Anonymous Coward
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    Very, VERY

    glad to hear this. I had hoped TiVo would do a DVB-T version but, since I can actually get Virgin, I'll look forward to this instead. I'm hoping too that the TiVo box will mean that Virgin will be moving to MPEG4 compression at the same time opening up the possibility of a lot more HD channels too.

  22. Mark Browell
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    This is about 10 kinds of awesome. Or maybe 12. I haven't decided yet.

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