back to article Apple adds Tesco as iPhone partner

It already sells milk, bread, booze, car insurance and furniture. Now supermarket behemoth Tesco is to add the Apple iPhone to its growing inventory. Tesco today confirmed a joint venture with O2, enabling the supermarket to introduce the iPhone 3G and 3GS into its retail operation "shortly". The handset will be sold through …


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  1. Christopher Rogers

    Is there no end...

    ... to the shit these people try to sell us???

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    oooooooh Clubcard points....

    Must... get... one...

  3. garetht t


    Y'know, I think that Tesco probably won't sell a lot of iPhones - what with Tesco customers not falling into the traditional demographic - but it will add to the ubiquity of the product and there's time yet for Apple to sign a deal with Waitrose. :D

  4. Neal 5


    My Tesco branded iPhone is gonna look really cool. Yeah

    Interesting to see apart from the customers being ripped off, who's going to be the next victim, who's tied to who in this deal?

    1. David Gosnell

      Not sure they brand phones

      My wife has a Tesco Mobile Nokia, and the only physical branding on it is Nokia's own. Not even any blue and white stripes! I think we can forgive them saying "TESCO" in very small text at the top of the standby screen. Of course, may not apply to all the phones they sell, but usually the networks are pretty consistent about this kind of thing (I remember Orange not carrying at least one phone simply because there was nowhere to put their logo).

      1. It'sa Mea... Mario

        Orange have not branded the iPhone.. I doubt Tescos will.

        Will be interested to see the 'competitive'* price plans..

        *According to the BBC website version of this news item

  5. Frostbite

    Not holding my breath

    Considering O2 are 50% owner in this venture I have to wonder if the Tesco iPhone will be much cheaper than the current O2 offerings.

    Would be nice if it actually happens where consumer costs are drasticly cut.

  6. David Wood
    Jobs Horns

    Tesco mobile

    Tesco mobile are already partnered with O2, because they run on O2's network. It will be interesting to see what happens with price because tesco have a very different pricing policy to the big 4. They seem to make you buy the phone whether you take out a contract or use pay as you go.

    I'm sure Apple have come to some agreement to stifle the competition though.

  7. Paul 37


    If anything is designed to wipe the smug, middle-class shine from a product......

  8. Paul Hates Handles
    Jobs Horns


    Sore anus from buying an iPhone? No money left?

    Rejoice! Beans are now 9p a tin for one week only, and ass-cream is BOGOF!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    What brand?!

    I have always seen the iPhone fitting in well with LIDL. All chav and bling.

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