back to article OCZ promising USB 3 desktop SSD

The dreary wait for slow desktop and notebook booting could be halted in its tracks for those with USB 3 interfaces and and cash, as OCZ is developing a fast and large capacity USB 3 SSD. What's happening is that OCZ is getting together with Symwave, a supplier of USB 3.0 silicon, to add a USB 3 interface to a desktop solid …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby
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    1TB of SSD? Not too bad a price....

    Sure, your average gamer couldn't afford it.

    But even with a 3.5 form factor per drive, a 2U high server could contain 4 drives for a small raid subsystem and then also have additional 2.5" disk(s) for a swap drive (if necessary).

    This would be ideal for some businesses that need a high performing, small footprint for their small office server, or for some specialized database driven applications.

    If you didn't want to use raid, you'd have 4TB+ in a small box that could be used in a private cloud.

    Definitely a plus, not to mention that it would probably save energy over the life of the drive.

    1. James Thomas

      What's wrong with my maths?

      Surely USB3 won't give any advantage over eSata? If eSata allows 3GBits a second but the device is liimited to 260MBits a second whats the point?

  2. Neil 6

    SSD built into the motherboard....

    ....with an OS installed on it....just like the days of old when the OS was built into a ROM chip. Amiga, Archimedes countless other computers anyone?

    I'm glad to see it's coming back but it has take far too long to get here.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    'Real World' USB3

    As all the specs being thrown around are theoretical maximums, and in practice will probably be less, possibly a lot less, has anyone done some accurate speed tests on USB3?

  4. Brian 6

    SSD on the motherboard.

    Nice to see SSD on the motherboard mentioned. I had that idea myself a while ago. Motherboards could have windows pre installed. Maybe even SSD memory slots so u could increase the size of the boot drive. Small form factor PC's could be very small indeed if the storage was integrated into the motherboard.

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