back to article Mozilla glares at Microsoft, chews on Direct2D graphics cud

Mozilla has proclaimed that the race is on to beat Microsoft to the post in its efforts to insert Direct2D support into the next version of its Internet Explorer browser. Over the weekend, Mozilla programmer Bas Schouten wrote a lengthy blog post about how he had successfully loaded Direct2D support into an alpha build of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    confusing lead-in

    I thought you were implying that Mozilla would release Direct2D for IE before Microsoft, not that MZ would release Firefox support for D2D before MS releases IE support for D2D.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Amazing progress! I now need a DX10+ graphics card (with supporting OS) to render 2D pages faster...

    1. Entropy 1
      Thumb Up


      Why not use the GPU for pixel operations? That's what it specialises in, it makes more sense to offload those operations onto it than inflict a bottleneck with the CPU doing the work.

      A browser that renders faster, surely a good thing?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Can they use OpenGL? At least it's cross-platform and also provides direct hardware access.

  4. MarkOne

    Opera leads, everyone else follows (as usual)

    1. DJV Silver badge

      @Opera leads, everyone else follows (as usual)

      If that was the case then Opera would already be rendering CSS attributes like border-radius and column-width (already present in Firefox and WebKit-based browsers). Of course, I do expect that Opera will add these several years before Microsoft finally get around to implementing them (badly or inaccurately) in IE...

  5. OffBeatMammal

    MS has the Idea. World+Dog copy it

    interesting that Moz probably hadn't even thought about doing this until Sinofsky stands up and talks about it.

    It's like Ajax ... MS added the XMLHttpRequest stuff for Outlook Web Access but didn't coin a snappy name.. now everyone else takes credit for it.

    MS may be slow off the mark to get code out there (but as recent IE vs Firefox security test show...when they get their head in the game they produce good stuff) but they should at least get some credit for the ideas flowing from Redmond

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Chris Blizzard is teh dumb

      I was about to say the same thing - Chris Blizzard makes himself look like a total dick.

  6. asdf

    D2D haha fix gecko first

    I can't possibly see how D2D will be anything but a checkbox feature for the nearby future with the gecko render engine. Firefox screen drawing speed is not the issue but the bloated slow parsing and rendering gecko engine is. I keep hearing how fast it is going to be but right now 3.5 is damn near IE slow.

  7. Ken Hagan Gold badge


    In what mutant brane of the multiverse is 2D graphics speed a bottleneck for the browser?

  8. The BigYin


    "Though older PCs with pre-D3D10 graphics cards and WDDM 1.0 drivers will not show significant improvements, going into the future most PCs will support DirectX 10+."

    So DirectX is being ported to Unix, Linux etc? Wow.

    Tell me now, why do I need Direct2D for a browser? And will anything be back-ported to XP?

    Hmm...another reason to look at the Linux migration again in a few months; or just buy Win7.

  9. Rex Alfie Lee
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    Sure OffBeatMammal but...

    ...I believe M$ made the statement & then Mozilla said we've already got it running in Alpha. How do figure your statement out. That would mean that Mozilla programmers have only just started on this & done it in brilliant time. I don't doubt that they're brilliant, much more so than M$ programmers, but the truth is I figure they've been working on it, M$ found out & mouthed off first. Mozilla progs were more likely following Opera's lead rather than M$.

  10. Balefire

    Freudian slip

    "while Microsoft has only just begun work on IE 9 and hasn’t yet revealed when that iteration of the browser will rock up."

    Why did I read that as "... that iteration of the browser will cock up."?!

    Probably because they have yet to release a browser I don't have to fudge and hack CSS to work with properly.

  11. Dave 160

    Firefox 3.7, where's 3.6?

    Shouldn't they concentrate on getting the next version done and finished before starting on the one after?

    Coming up in version 10.8: thought processing power. Briiiiliant! I can't wait!

  12. vivaelamor

    Re: MS has the Idea. World+Dog copy it

    Wah? Microsoft built the OS and only just put this feature into the latest versions of Windows and you're praising them for coming up with the idea to use their new feature first? Aside from that, I cannot find any indication that Mozilla got the idea from IE9 as they announced they were thinking of using it 8 days before IE9 was announced.

    I'm sure there is plenty Microsoft does do that deserves praise but being the first to think of using their own code isn't really much of an accomplishment.

    Have I just been trolled?

  13. Joe Burmeister

    Does that mean Wine's DirectX code on Unix?

    So what are they doing to remain cross plaform?

    They going to just use the Wine DirectX code to shoe horn it into the Unixs?

    Are they going to use some abstraction above DirectX that can be something else on Unixes?

    Are other platforms going to be left un-GPU accelerated?

    Don't use MS platform specific API directly unless you really have to or the app is never to be ported. DirectX isn't even pretended to be cross platform (like Win32 was (see Wise) or .NET is now).

    We will have to see what is actually released, but I would like a mozilla statement to clarify what they are doing. Damn, I liked mozilla and firefox........hope they aren't going to let us down.

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