back to article Vodafone Spain puts intelligence into fair use

Vodafone is trialling tiered data services to Spain, priority data for business customers and more intelligent application of fair use capping. The system has been deployed across Vodafone's Spanish network. It is designed to ensure that customers on the operator's business tariff, paying €49 a month, get connected regardless …


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  1. Sebastian Brosig

    better solution

    For us geeks would be if the little "signal" logo on the mobile screen would change from $ to $$ to $$$$$$$$$$$$ as the cell gets more congested and the data packets get more expensive.

    This would allow me to pay top dollar regardless of price if i really need it (or to pissed to notice), or opt to not surf it it gets costly when it's not so important.

    You can have my idea for free, vodafone. Just send me a 1000$ pre-paid SIM sometime in return for the favour, thanks. Ah yes, and throw in a nice Android handset please.

  2. Stratman

    Bring it on

    It can't happen soon enough. My expensive business tariff will no longer be at the mercy of hoodie-wearing yoofs all twatting ringtones to each other, or whatever it is that the lower orders use their stolen phones for.


  3. Vince

    Horrah, bring it on.

    I'm more than happy to see this - I have some data sims that can be on a best efforts basis and others I need on a "crap fan hit, need" basis.

  4. Chris007

    Call me Sir

    "Network operators need to get away from the flat-rate pricing that makes comparisons easy and profits slim, bringing in variables such as fair-use limits and priority access. These could perhaps be combined with time-dependent tariffs and femtocell discounts, which *** should make data pricing as complex and difficult to compare as voice tariffs ***."

    Which I believe is the point - bigger profits lay on this path :-)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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