back to article Spain warned on filesharing cut-offs

Communications Commissioner Viviane Reding has warned Spain to look carefully at proposals to cut off alleged illegal filesharers. She said such a policy ran counter to European values and laws and that a new approach to protecting intellectual property was required. Reding said: "If Spain cuts off internet access without a …


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  1. Steve Kirman

    Just how do you cut someone off anyway..?

    Can't be too hard to get connected to the internet one way or the other... or am I missing something?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    What about our mob here in the UK?

    Oh yes, Mandy says there will be a "process" through which you will have the right of appeal, but let's just wait and see the first time the jackbooted thugs from the Home Office kick in some Granny's door and drag her down the cop-shop for a chat, before sending BT round to...oh no, she has no internet connection or even a PC....sorry, Madam all a mistake!

  3. Mark Talbot

    Err You Are Kidding Me

    So she has nor problems with Darth Mandy's draconian plans but the Spaniard's are well out of line for proposing a similar program.

  4. irish donkey

    Without a viable alternative

    There will always be lending and sharing. Haven't really heard anything about the improved business models to make filesharing less attractive.

    Intresting that Ice Age 3 come with a media version of the film. Don't know much about this as I haven't opened the packet yet as its being kept for Christmas.

    Is this as good as it sounds or is it a DRM Crippled version?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    thank god!

    "The lifting of impediments to the cross-border online distribution of creative works will improve the supply of attractive and affordable services that are legal."

    SO glad someone understands that. Too bad that someone in under pressure by everyone else, though.

  6. H2Nick

    Let's see

    Assume I'm 15 & my mates at school have GBs of songs I'd like a copy of.

    What am I going to do - spend ages on the net or just get a copy with a 16GB memory stick...

    Meanwhile, if gas/leccy can cut people off by mistake & take months to correct errors, how long do you think it will take ISPs to restore connections, due to misdiagnosis of packets etc ?

    (especially as this has no effect on physical wellbeing)

    EG of pensioner cut off

  7. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    what about grey imports

    "The lifting of impediments to the cross-border online distribution of creative works will improve the supply of attractive and affordable services that are legal."

    Eh... CDWOW

    @AC 12:42 GMT

    Eh.... Granny will not get an aplology, instead she will be promptly arrested under RIPA for failing to reveal the whereabouts of her encrypted hard drive and be locked up in a mental asylum for the rest of her life.

  8. lukewarmdog

    These are not the files you seek

    Everyone knows hope taping killed the recording industry.

    Will be interesting to see what the new President of Europe thinks about Mandys landgrabs.

  9. mmiied

    @irish donkey

    if it is like the one that came with watchmen crippled

  10. Gordon is not a Moron

    Thank the Lord for Viviane Reding ...

    I think Viviane Reding should be given a CBE or similiar, for trying to save the unwashed masses from thier ignorant and greedy political master.

    The Tories want less to do with Europe, I'm for closer ties as long as we can clone this woman to over see everything.

    Hmm maybe New Labour were missing a trick on the Lisbon treaty referendum, "Vote yes, and the EU will stop us passing anymore short-sighted, bone headed, draconian laws that treat everyone as criminals." 100% turn out, 100% yes vote.

  11. SlabMan

    Sign the petition

    Nearly 20k signatures on the anti-disconnection petition at

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thank god for the EU

    The supposedly communistic undemocratic demagogue seems to be the only thing looking out for the individual these days.

    Let's hope a serious slapping is heading towards the UK.

    Preferably complete with a real slapping for Mandelson.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Free VPN

    Well for now. 1mbit limit but hey it's free! and no bandwidth limit from what I can tell apart from the throttling to 1mbit. They also don't keep logs.

  14. Mark 65

    Remind me

    So what's the tax on the media that can be used for copying things for then?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >So what's the tax on the media that can be used for copying things for then?

    As I understand it, this allows us to *download* as much music and as many films as we can drag through Telifonica's copper. When it's working. The artists' associations get some cash they wouldn't otherwise see, and I expect a fair chunk of the tax is trousered en-route. Everybody happy.

    What the tax doesn't allow you to do is upload/make available for sharing the media you've just downloaded. And it doesn't allow for downloading software.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Viv for PM

    We're due an election in 6 months. can't we just cut the crap and hire someone who has a decent track record on doing something useful for the residents of these islands? Ms Reding would fit the bill more closely than either of the parties that will actually win.

    Funny that the anti-Eu brigade always seem to the ones with money.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    March our politions...

    ..out of parliament and tie them down to wooden racks in the street.

    Charge Joe Public 10p a pop to teabag them and give the money to charity.

    If that scheme doesn't make millions in the first week alone I'll eat every hat in Britain.

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