back to article Ralsky jailed for four years over stock fraud spam scam

Notorious spammer Alan Ralsky has been jailed for more than four years over his role in a masterminding a stock fraud spam campaign that made him an estimated $2.7m. Ralsky, 64, from West Bloomfield, near Detroit, Michigan, was sentenced to 51 months while his son-in-law, Scott Bradley, 48, was imprisoned for 40 months over …


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  1. Tony S

    Hurray.. throw away the key.

    Only problem is that they are like the hydra - cut one head off and 2 more grow in it's place.

  2. Alan Brown 1

    4 years in solitary?

    Likely for his own safety.

    It's a pity there are no 3 strikes rules for federal charges. Ralsky is a career criminal with a fairly long rapsheet.

  3. Sandra Greer

    Bring back hanging

    just for proven fraud. It's much more serious than murder of a single person, as it affects a lot of people. That goes for Enron executives and all those rotters on Wall Street as well.

  4. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    I will buy him some soap & @bring back hanging

    I will buy him some soap, VERY, VERY slippery soap, in the hope he has some cell mates called "Bubba".

    As for bringing back hanging, I'm all for it - just not by the neck :-)

  5. lukewarmdog

    Can Spam

    For me this just highlights stock market greed.

    User gets email about cheap stocks, buys cheap stocks, sender of email makes money.

    If people didn't buy stocks there wouldn't be a market for this type of spam. It's quite an enterprising little business. As for bubbles bursting.. isn't that what bubbles *do*?

  6. Gordon Pryra

    He did ok out of it.

    So he gave them $250k back , but he made $2.7 mill total?

    Thats $48k a he keeps for every month in jail.

    I know its only $ not £, but I still think thats worth it compaired to my wages and the amount of time is spend earning it.

  7. nichomach
    Thumb Up


    Excellent news - cue various gags around being pumped and dumped while picking up the soap, etc.

  8. webdude

    you would think ...

    you would think at some point these idiots would move out of the United States and move to a country that would not extradite for being a piece of garbage spammer.

    they deserve what they got and more.

  9. Shannon Jacobs

    #1 anti-spam measure?

    Sad icon because he deserves SO much more.

    However, I think we should focus constructively on what can be done to most effectively fight spam. This conviction is nice, but I think the best countermeasure right now would be for a better anti-spam tool for the use of regular folks like us. Basically something like SpamCop, but with more iterationas and more analysis. Most people would ignore it, but if 1% of the spam haters were able to dig more effectively into the spam and fight against it, I think we could really drown the spammers' accomplices in angry complaints.

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