back to article Hard drives cop flak from .50 cal incendiary round

Our piece last week on, which deployed an arsenal of weaponry to shoot the shit out of an innocent server, prompted's Kyle Bennett to drop us a line suggesting he was better endowed in the firepower department. Coincidentally, HardOCP uses the same range as to satisfy its appetite for …


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  1. Glyn 2

    Dear Santa

    I'll have an Armalite AR-50 for christmas please

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Compensating for anything?

    Well, is he?

  3. George Nacht

    Some challenge

    How many cards to stop the projectile from Carl Gustav? Not THAT many. Carl Gustav is essentially a bazooka and the projectile is slow and without much static force per square inch of cross-section.

    How many cards to stop the BLAST from the hollow-cone charge in the warhead of Carl Gustav, well....

    Ah, frag it, I´m trolling again...

    Seriously, what is wrong with these people? What is next? Do we actually need to choose the best ammunition against the outdated servers, before they rise against us? Or even RAID our homes?

  4. fontaine


    As 'The round arms after 20 to 70 m of flight', I expect 100 rounds will be needed before a first hit on a millimetric SD card core.

    George Nacht:

    "the projectile is slow and without much static force"

    With '3.2 kg and muzzle velocity is 255 m/s', I expect more than 100kg of cards are needed to stop the projectile.

  5. Real Ale is Best


    It would have gone through more of them if they had been fixed securely, or placed against a wall.

    Momentum was lost due to knocking the drives off the box.

  6. Matt 13

    i want...

    god damnnit! im tired and just want to blow stuff up.. If i fill a 4u server with cheap gunpowder i wonder what will launch the furthest - the hotswap bays or LTO drive

    wheres the firework shoppe................

    1. Snafu 2

      There must be a message here or I wouldn't have wasted my time typing this.. oh!

      Are you a scrriptwriter for Mythbusters?

  7. Winkypop Silver badge

    Data security - redneck style

    Nice sandals!

  8. SlackerUK
    Black Helicopters

    looks like fun, but... it WEEE compliant??

  9. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge
    Black Helicopters


    A weapon for skewl kids

    You need a nice semi-auto 50 cal sniper rifle

    Can take out that server from 2000 yrds away

    Available from several well known gun manufacturers

    Ekkkkk CTC polic

  10. Raspy32

    New VC measurement

    I believe we have a new standard measurement for thickness.

    1 SDIATA (Secure Digital Improvised Anti-Tank Armour) = The thickness of the pile of memory cards required to stop an anti-tank round.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Kyle Bennett

    We can also see that Kyle has less friends than, maybe he banned them all?

  12. The First Dave
    Dead Vulture

    Carl Gustaf

    Carl Gustaf is hardly the ultimate, though the foreign-sounding name should keep Lewis happy...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Matt 13

    I have a nice old Dell 6650, wanna try?

    I'm hoping for some "fan blade flying out into the bad guy's face" action...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    .50 bmg ? Pfft. A spudgun in comparison

    Try using something like this :

    or that milk-bottle of a shell fired from the A10.

    NOW we're talking ;)

    Flames..... from the incendiary, evidently.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Momentum.... Pfft

    "Momentum was lost due to knocking the drives off the box."

    Momentum was lost ??? I´m sure you meant energy and that momentum was just a slight typing error....

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Time to finish that coilgun project.

  17. gizmo23

    Big Guns

    @AC who likes big guns: I like the Croatian equivalent because it has an over-the-shoulder blast tube which helps with the recoil, apparently.

    I reckon railguns are the way forward.


  18. Lee T


    I wanted them to rig up a power supply so the drives were *spinning*

    possibly a railgun? although you'd probably get better data security with a coilgun... especially point-blank.

  19. Doug Glass

    Next Small Arm

    Yes, we do this and we do love it. You Brits, et al, just need to stick with arresting schizo model rocket guys for your entertainment.

  20. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    Clarification please.

    C’mon El Reg, what sort of crappy reporting is this???

    "what thickness of 32MB SD cards is required to impede a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle high explosive anti-tank projectile?"

    How on earth are we supposed to answer that when you haven’t specified if it is the HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) or the HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) round.

    And it’s Gustav, not Gustaf.

    Oh, I've just realised that you only need 1 SD card to impede an 84mm anti-tank projectile, mind you it won't be much of an impediment

    flame from the back of my recoilless rifle

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Obviously Call of Duty 5...

    ..should have had a map/challenge whereby shooting various bits of computer storage was the aim, yet alone cilvilians...

  22. IT Dog's Boy

    Server Decommissioning

    I have a 2U server that I fully intend to take out in the woods and shoot like old yeller, then hang it on the side of a rack to server as a warning to the other windows servers.

    Though I do like the fill it full of black powder first idea.

  23. Stoneshop

    @Matt 13

    Find a story involving a rack of servers and explosives, and suggest to the Mythbusters team that they check it out.

  24. The Mysterious Panda

    Since you're asking...

    Only 1 is required to 'impede'.

    Unless you meant 'stop', in which case... lots of 1.

  25. AndrewG

    why just guns?

    I'm surprised Vulture Centrals weapons reseach dpt did ask the tough questions with the real hardware, like how many racks can a LHC collision send into hyperspace?

  26. MonkeyBot

    Re: Some challenge

    The correct answer is one.

    Placed behind the trigger.

  27. Marty McFly Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    @ George Nacht

    As a industry veteran, I recently went through my home shop and cleaned out piles of old computers. Knowing about data security, I pulled all the hard drives out before taking the old junk to the local recycler. I could have sanitized each drive and then given them away. But the drives are so old the average USB key trumps them. They have no value in the used computer market and will be trashed anyway.

    Yes, I have one of the hard drives sitting at my desk with a pair of .308 sized holes in it. A post-it note which says "Certified Data Destruction".

    Point being... What the heck else should I do with this old crap? Using it for target practice is as good as anything. It's my gun, my property, my old hardware. Who cares if there are pieces of busted PCB stuck in the lawn?

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ AC:14:36

    You raise a very valid point! As a matter of fact I was sitting here just wondering how many hard drives, servers and/or data centers an individual could impale using a depleted uranium shell (20 mm or larger). However, after a brief constitutional while writing this, I started wondering about the thermite factor. How many hard drives could be breeched by a kilo of thermite?

  29. Fozzy 1
    Jobs Horns

    A more useful

    test or as someone else suggested a new stndard measurement for thickness, would be to see how many iphone fanbois the Armalite AR-50 could penerate (don't forget to use the iphone as the target)

  30. Combat Wombat

    I demand...

    A working 1:1 Replica of Corp Detritus's Crossbow.. and some servers to test it on..

  31. Allan George Dyer


    Business Continuity

    1. When disaster strikes, be somewhere else. (don't build your data centre on a firing range)

    Secure Deletion

    1. Physically damaging one part of the media is insufficient to destroy all the data. (wire wool over the whole surface is better than a bullet hole in one place).


    1. The equipment needs to be plugged in to work.

    I'm off somewhere else.

  32. Ricky H


    ever heard of it?

  33. Schultz


    Computergame: shoot virtual objects with virtual weapons. Try again.

    (feel free to borrow the grenade)

  34. Dex

    Personally i'd rather.....

    How many SD cards will stop sharks armed with frikkin' lasers?

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