back to article Google herds coders into Chrome extensions gallery

Google is corralling developers into uploading their Chrome browser extensions to a new gallery that hasn’t been opened up to testers yet. That will change for a select bunch of coding guinea pigs in the next few days, said Mountain View. In the meantime, those developers who want to slot their add-ons into Chrome will be …


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  1. Dan Herd

    Adblock Plus

    I wonder if a port of that will get 'approved'?

  2. John Sanders
    Paris Hilton


    or not Adblock... that is the question.

    1. Jason Hall


      Yeah - without an adblock plugin I'm not leaving FF

      I'm constantly amazed at just how bad the interweb looks on other people's machines/browsers.

      (I'm looking at you theregister for allowing *REALLY* distracting adverts on your pages)

  3. SlabMan

    One use for Chrome

    Boot it from USB and use it for online banking. Should be a bit more secure than IE on Windows

  4. Mister_C

    Fleabay / paypap

    another pear of low hanging fruit to aim at

This topic is closed for new posts.

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