back to article eBay offers compo for search failure

eBay is offering customers hit by the failure of its search engine last weekend the chance to relist items, rather than sell them at lower prices. They are also offering discount vouchers to buyers who are disappointed to have lost out. In an email sent to sellers last night, the online tat bazaar said search was unavailable …


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  1. N2
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    Lets hope they deliver on it

    Seems quite different from the normal Ebay stance, either ignoring user complaints or taking about two weeks to do anything.

    Perhaps theyve realised that recession can affect their business and need to consider their customers?

  2. Jeremy 2

    How to annoy buyers in one easy lesson

    If I'd bought something during that time, I'd be mighty pissed off right now. eBay doesn't have much credibility left to play with these days but a mass reneging on 'finalised' auctions strips them of even more.

  3. DannyAston
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    Hmm this Doesn't sound like eBay, either way fair play!

  4. Chris Evans

    Some people still lose out!

    A better response to problems than ebay normally make, but various users have lost out and won't be compensated or not fully.

    'A' Those sellers who achieved less than they would have and have already despatched the goods i.e. most good sellers

    'B' Those buyers who never got to bid on items that won't be relisted because of 'A' or have since bought elsewhere

    Also the wining biders who's transaction is canceled and get 10% compensation. May lose out by more than 10% and be very inconvenienced!

    Impossible to quantify what these losses are!

  5. TrishaD
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    They'll be doing proper security next.........

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