back to article Cray previews XT6 Opteron nodes

The SC09 supercomputing trade show finished up late last week, but El Reg still has a bunch of things to tell you about. One of them is a preview of the Opteron blade server for the upcoming high-end XT6 and midrange XT6m supercomputers from Cray. Like all of the progeny of the Red Storm supercomputer that Cray built for …


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  1. Matt Bucknall

    Is it just me,

    or does that scraggly little ribbon cable with the sub-D on the end look completely out of place?

  2. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    "Pole position"

    Does that mean there will be a race?

    I'd like to see that.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    ... but will it play Crysis?

    OT : This kind of processing power is impressive, I think we have a few old Sun Sparc's lying about, I wonder how much they're worth Trade-In...

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