back to article Corel begs for survival by giving takeover thumbs up

WordPerfect maker Corel Corp confirmed yesterday that its majority investor, Vector Capital, planned to take the software vendor private in an effort to prevent a default on loans. The firm filed an amendment with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. It said it had expanded, added and clarified “certain …


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  1. Mr. Fatuous

    This is what happens...

    when you destroy my beloved Paint Shop Pro

  2. adam payne

    Bye Corel!

    In my opinion Corel have been hanging on for years. It's way past time they realised their products are awful.

    @Mr. Fatuous

    I went back to Paint Shop Pro 7 after using there newer versions.

    1. Gav H.

      Paint Shop Pro

      I still have Paint Shop Pro v6.01 running on Win 7. Pre-Corel it was a great lightweight alternative to Photoshop.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Mr. Fatuous


    Canadian bastards.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lucky for me

    I sold all my Corel stock years ago. About the only company better than Corel at failing to market and sell their software is Novell. I guess this answers the question: "Does anybody still buy Corel software?"

  5. h 6

    This is

    This is what happens when you sell crap like Corel Draw.

  6. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Re: This is what happens

    "This is what happens...when you destroy my beloved Paint Shop Pro"

    They've destroyed it? I had no idea, I'm still waiting for it to load up...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Why bother at all ?

    Does anyone see Corel ever coming out with some useful software ?

  8. CADmonkey

    Seconded....sod wordperfect

    What news on Paint Shop Pro?

  9. Bruce Ordway

    What happened?

    Corel started strong but has been slipping for decades. Anybody know why they've stumbled?

  10. Version 1.0 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Still the best word processor...

    God uses it ...

    but why s/he let that lazy bunch of reta**ds run the company is a mystery to me.

  11. John 62
    Dead Vulture

    Canadian, eh?

    Going the way of Nortel, eh?

    Actually, back when Windows 98 was hot, WordPerfect Suite 8 came with Curry's cheapest PC (which was the one my dad had to buy, naturally) and I quite liked it compared to the MS Office of the day, which was also much more expensive. Unfortunately Excel is not exactly compatible with Quattro Pro from WPS 8, so Dad still needs it for some of his spreadsheets. Despite initially liking WPS8, since I discovered the WindowsKey+E shortcut I have cursed Corel for hijacking it and throwing up its own crappy dialog box which defaults to Corel's own My Files folder, not even My Documents.

    Tombstone for Corel, not the Reg.

  12. Rambo Tribble

    Twenty years ago, today ...

    Back in the heyday of the "PC Revolution", Corel Draw was considered a better product than even Adobe's offerings. Times have changed.

    Proprietary software is under siege. With each passing year, the marginal products of mid-tier development houses are falling by the wayside. Top-tier houses are quaking in their boots; ask not for whom the bell tolls ...

  13. Christopher Rogers


    Good riddance. The backward Dinosaurs of IT yesteryear have no place here. Paint Shop Pro could have been a product to ding them out of this hole, but alas, its now crap. anyone?

  14. AnglePoise

    Corel Draw beats Adobe Illustrator

    Corel Draw is hugely superior to Adobe Illustrator for creating vector artwork in which you know what is actually in the graphic (as distinct from what it looks like in flatland) and with files of reasonable size (as distinct from the bloated monsters that Adobe software creates). Can anyone tell me what feature(s) in Adobe Illustrator achieve the same function as Corel's Object Manager?

    Okay, for many years Corel's motto should have been "Never mind the quality, feel the width" and it is full of mysterious bugs, but it still outperforms everything else I know at its price.

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