back to article Google hoodwinked into pushing Chrome OS scareware

Rogue anti-virus scammers have tainted search results for Chromium OS - the open source version of Google's Chrome OS - in a bid to expose surfers hunting the web operating system to a fake anti-virus scan scam instead. Search terms such as "chromium os download" point to sites featuring scripts that redirect stray surfers …


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  1. Alastair 7

    Chromium? Really?

    OK, target people searching for Twilight, you'll get a million idiot victims. But how many people looking to download the Chromium OS (and, presumably, install it on a VM, or do a tricky USB-based install onto a netbook) are going to fall for this crap?

  2. SilverWave

    I'm on Linux you Morons :)


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Alastair 7

    For what it's worth, watching Twilight doesn't make you an idiot. My wife wants to see it, but is hardly stupid - for a female, watching Twilight doesn't make you stupid any more than watching Transformers or The Forbidden Kingdom makes guys stupid.

    Watching GI Joe: Rise of Cobra will definitely make you stupid, though - even if you weren't when you showed up.

  4. DavidK

    Pretty sure I got the real one

    As the process involved tarballs and git and compiling from source.

  5. John 62
    Dead Vulture


    if only! then the scammers would get the long arm of the law giving them a cuff round the ear 'ole

  6. Cliff

    Narrow appeal, surely?

    I wonder how many people saw the links and thought "A free, openisource OS to download - Ubuntu with a hat on - Quick! I must get to that non-trusted download URL in a heartbeat!"

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