back to article Blogger outs back-end Google tech

A Vietnamese blogger has alerted the world to another Google product. Details are sketchy at best. In fact, all we have is a photo: Google Toilet Paper Another Google product The photo - whose authenticity has yet to be verified - seems to indicate the product is some sort of "2 ply bathroom paper" made from "100 per cent …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The velvety soft goodness of Google bogroll for that crap clear cloudy clean feeling. Much nicer than the Apple iWipes.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I can't see the problem...

    It might know more about me than I do, but at least it can keep my a** clean. How many other products can say that?

    Flame icon becuase I had a madrass last night, and well, you get the picture.

  3. Chris Malme


    After you've scanned all the world's books, then they can be recycled into bog roll.


  4. Reverend Brown


    Who's going to bid to for me to wipe my ass with their adwords? Anyone? Anyone?

  5. jake Silver badge

    ::giggles:: What would News 14 Carolina think?

    I suspect that "Jeff", from News 14 Carolina, is going to blow a head gasket.

    I mean, seriously, what if his daughters hear about virgin bog-roll? Teh horror!

    Makes me smile on what looks to be a late night (horse colicing). Thanks ElReg! :-)

  6. David 45

    Lavatorial item

    What, no toilet puns? Clean round the bend, flushed with success and all that?

  7. paul clarke

    looks... shit paper to me.

    Or is that just what Rupert Murdoch publishes?

  8. peyton?
    Thumb Down

    "Of high vacuum"

    You know, that's probably the most accurate and succinct description of Google I've come across yet.

  9. Doug Jenkins

    Oh, no...

    .,.the "end" is near!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    cant wait for the unboxing video

  11. Number6

    Search Results

    I think they need something like that to clean up their search results on occasion. When you've got to the end of page two and all they've produced is links to other search pages, it's time to give up and do some gardening instead (even if it's midnight).

  12. Samir

    Lol whats next microsoft selling towels

  13. Rob Beard
    Thumb Up


    It's an addon for their Google TISP...


  14. Hardcastle

    Google buttwipe

    Now, the Goog brings sweet relief to the bunghole to keep the back door sorted out. A crappy proposition indeed. Just what is needed for Web 2.0arrhea, see.

  15. Craig 28


    It's an attempt to get more ads to end users, ahem

    An attempt to collect biomass for a new development in power generation, so they can control the world

    Or its just a really, really crap joke.

  16. Jeremy 2

    Best. Article. Ever.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  17. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton

    Google TurdSense

    Analyses what you've eaten and delivers targeted adverts.

  18. John Watts

    It all becomes clear

    So that's where they get all the shit to fill the 600 pages of search results that you don't need once you've tried the first five results.

  19. This post has been deleted by its author

  20. Dan75
    Paris Hilton

    Oh! What a waste!

    All those pulped virgins. Google may have billions to waste but this is unacceptable. I'd be more than happy to take some off their hands.

    Paris, well because today is a good day to be ironic.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Speaking of being outed by bloggers

    Give us a good story about Kurt Greenbaum already ;)

  22. TeeCee Gold badge

    I'm very worried.

    I want to know what's going to happen when Google have got all my shit in one place. What are they going to do with it?

  23. DavidK

    Half of analysis is...


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