back to article Ubuntu in truffle shuffle with Chrome OS

Ubuntu’s commercial sponsor Canonical revealed late yesterday that it has been working with Google on its Chrome OS platform since before Mountain View announced its game-changing plans in July this year. The firm’s OEM veep Chris Kenyon said in a blog post on Thursday that “Canonical is contributing engineering to Google …


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  1. MarkOne


    As Ubuntu cut back loads of ARM stuff in 9.10!!!

    I had to switch to Debian on my Sheevaplug because Ubuntu dumped ARM support.

  2. Rob Beard

    Ubuntu ARM support

    That's even more strange consdering Canonical have released Ubuntu for ARM netbooks, in fact you can download images from their mirrors. I dunno, maybe ARM is like MIPS with lots of different versions available.


  3. Anonymous Coward

    captain obvious on...

    Google, partner with Canonical and jointly improve and promote a real, quality OS like Ubuntu rather than play with stupid toy "cloud" OSs.

  4. Annihilator

    @ Peter Griffin

    Heh heh heh, childhood obesity

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Might the whole thing be merely irreverently irrelevant anyway?


    for fuller details

  6. sawyer


    That's all I have to sahy, it took me half an hour to register, but it has to be said,

    *ubuntu 9.10 user

  7. Anonymous Coward

    c'est tout

    I actually ran Google Chrome and it's not based on Ubuntu but openSUSE. But I still think Google selected some of the good parts of other distro's and put them together.

    However I found the linux distro (Chrome OS) pretty disappointing. The least Google could have done is theme gnome, like solaris does.

    Chrome OS = openSUSE + gnome + chrome browser

  8. joe 14
    Black Helicopters

    Shuttlesworth is smart

    He made a billion off of thawte and he is going to make another when the chocolate factory finally buys Canonical. it is the quickest way for Google to pickup a development community and a huge distro.

    Just wait and see

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