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It doesn’t seem five minutes since we looked at the CX1 – well, back in April actually – so it’s quite surprise to find that Ricoh has already launched its successor, the CX2. Again, this is a super-zoom compact seemingly aimed at the enthusiast or the DSLR user who occasionally wants to pack something simpler and smaller. That …


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  1. Aaron Macks

    I am puzzled/disappointed

    That's a REALLY slow lens, f 4.9 at the fastest?

  2. J 3
    Thumb Down

    No VF?

    Yeah, as the article says that is pretty bad for a long lens. I was struggling with my Canon (10x zoom, no VF) today to get sharp images, and even when using flash the only way to do it was to get closer to the subject and use less magnification -- might sound like no problem, but the wider the angle, the more distortion in the image. Not to mention that I feel stupid holding the camera like that with my arms extended, but that might be just me... :-)

    Re: miniature mode, it does not just blur the periphery of the picture. If my manual fake-tilt-shift adventures are any indication, it also over-saturates the colors and increases the contrast (to look like a painted model). The shot shown in the article does show a bit of increase in the saturation, but not as much as I would apply if doing it manually. Contrast does not look changed though.

  3. Robert E A Harvey


    is 1/2.3in 0.43478?

  4. Shades

    I was dubious...

    about the miniature mode, but I quite like the look of that!

    BTW, I hope Mr Cole has reported himself to the relevant authorities for the suspicious activity of recording traffic AND a CCTV camera in the video!

  5. John 62

    what happened the blue door???

    It might just be my opinion or it could have been the poor autumn light, but those test shots looked a bit under-saturated and cold to me.

    The CX2 might not be optimal for consumer slow motion video, but 120fps sounds like it could be an option if you were so inclined.

  6. David Gosnell

    Re: whot?

    No, it's all very complicated this sensor size lark. The quoted dimensions are historically based on TV camera tube sizes, and the sensor itself is typically about two-thirds that size - no wonder they continue to use a more flattering measure than reality.

    DPReview attempts to explain all at

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