back to article Apple cult leader emails outside world

Apple cult leader Steve Jobs has communicated with the outside world. As revealed by Crunchgear, Jobs recently sent an 11-word email to a longtime Mac developer who had come groveling to the cult leader after being threatened by a band of Apple lawyers. John Devor is the CEO of The Little App Factory, a tiny shareware outfit …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    As if the world really needed confirmation that Jobs is a greedy heartless @sshole.

  2. dave 93

    what about 'iPo drip' with tight tracking?

    Where is the 'Steve is a bit of a twat in RL' icon?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    What a twit

    I still don't understand why you mac types put up with this guy.

  4. JWS


    Classic. I say change the software to brick all the hardware thus creating a huge warranty push for Apple. Oh and yet another good reason to never use Apple tech.

  5. ElReg!comments!Pierre
    Jobs Horns

    Reality check

    Although little can be done to help the poor guy, "not much of a deal" tends to prove that Jobs lost contact with reality. A name change IS a huge deal even for mainstream products backed by deep-pocketed companies and top PR agencies. For a niche shareware vendor it merely means death.

    But short of buying the company there's nothing Jobsie can do, presumably. He can't afford to lose the iPod trademark, which is what will happen if he doesn't defend it.

  6. censored
    Jobs Horns

    If it's not that big a deal...

    Then why are they suing?

    Yes, it's an infringement but it's not that big a deal.

  7. Peter D'Hoye


    Apple just has a huge problem with their email systems, and this is the second mail of a few thousands that actually managed to reach its recipient.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    There's your glorious leader

    Assuming that that message really came from Steve Jobs :

    Ouch. I wonder what Stevie would have said if he had that "change your name" reply during the whole thing with Apple Corps... I love my Macs, but Jobs can go hang if that is really the line Apple decides to follow.

  9. ThomH

    @What a twit

    He's no more or less of a twit than Ballmer. And both are fantastic people compared to wider tech types like Jimmy Wales, so I don't really see that it's an issue.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    What he should have said...

    "from iPods and iPhones in the event of a serious hardware failure on their Mac"

    I thought that all apple product were immune from such peecee things as hardware failure, thus this software is completely useless and he should give up being in the software industry and forking bell gob ack 2 skool.

  11. Crazy Operations Guy
    Jobs Horns

    Very disprepectful

    This is very unacceptable behavior for a CEO. First he used an informal style in a business reply, Second he didn't even put forth an argument or any reasoning AT ALL (just like his followers), and he sent it from his PHONE, something that should only be done when an urgent message needs to be sent and are away from a computer, and should never be done to a customer.

    Doesn't he have an assistant to send these things anyway? And doesn't he realized the cost in changing the name of a well-established product? John states in his letter that his product depends on word-of-mouth for advertising, of course Steve only cares about himself and his pocketbook.

    Any other business or even politics, and this would be suicide

  12. Martin 6 Silver badge

    Not necessarily an infringement

    >Yes, it's an infringement but it's not that big a deal.

    That's upto a court to decide.

    Apple would have to prove that customers were confused between the Apple music hardware and this software.

    If I want to write an app called "SQLServerBackup" then as long as I don't claim that it is a MSFT product (passing off) then I'm safe. The usual way to do this is a bit of small print saying "all trademarks are the property of their owners".

    That MSFT goes ape on anybody using the name of their products in another app (like wxWindows) shows how shaky they believe their position is.

  13. Jeremy Chappell

    Oh for crying out loud!

    Everyone knows that you can't use Apple product names for your products. It's simple. You can call you app "MyApp for Mac" but not "MyMacApp", essentially in the former your app is called "MyApp" and it's OK to tag "for Mac" on the end. The same is true of iPhone app's and iPod app's.

    Seriously, why is this a surprise? Apple doesn't want it's trademarks diluted - this makes sense. So what's the problem? Don't put Apple product names in the name of your product, then you won't need to change the name.

  14. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    And that's why...

    And that's why I would not write software for Apple products.

    Apple gives an impression of being carefree and nice, while in fact being quite litigous compared to any other computer vendor I know of. I mean, it doesn't usually come to an actual lawsuit, but C&Ds and such are par for the course for them. It's hard to get frank information on certain model's repeat failures (and in some cases where it's repairable, how to fix it short of complete system or motherboard replacement), any discussion of this type in forums is either blocked by legal pressure or devolves into a "just buy a new one" type of argument.

    IPhone specific, of course, but I also wouldn't want to deal with the byzantine app process either, or even worse have an app accepted then find out the followup is rejected.

  15. John Finlay

    Thankful for being poor

    am now pretty glad that currently I cant afford a macbook pro so have paid 50% less for a dell with 85% of the spec of the mac i was looking at. CEOs may often be c*nts but that doesnt mean they deserve a let-off for proving it in public.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Not necessarily an infringement

    "If I want to write an app called "SQLServerBackup""

    Although it wouldn't surprise me if "SQL Server" were trademarked - a bit like the abomination that is the Windows trademark - such a name, derived from the generic terms "SQL", "server" and "backup" would be safer to defend from predatory Microsoft behaviour. What about something like OracleBackup, though?

  17. JDB
    Jobs Horns


    I understand Apple's side, and actually agree with it - but if Jobs is notorious for almost *never* answering email, and *this* is the one he decides to respond to, and *that's* what he tells a loyal Apple customer and developer - jerk.

  18. SimpleUser
    Jobs Halo

    So what ?

    Sometimes it's time to learn the mechanics of how this all works together.

    Assuming that 'iPod' is a registered Trademark - :-) - it's not (even) anywhere near rocket science to also assume that any product name coupled with it will have to be very, very carefully checked out by legal folks for appropriateness .

    In case of doubt what I mean here, develope an app, say a spreadsheed, and

    call it 'Like Microsoft - but better' and than wait for the hammer to hit you.

    Kinda find it nice from Steve to reply, even the content I like. You know how it is, If you want to play with the big boys, you're better wide awake.

    Writing this from an Apple Macbook & wishing you a lively discussion, enjoy.

  19. SimpleUser
    Jobs Halo

    So what ?

    Sometimes it's time to learn the mechanics of how this all works together.

    Assuming that 'iPod' is a registered Trademark - :-) - it's not (even) anywhere near rocket science to also assume that any product name coupled with it will have to be very, very carefully checked out by legal folks for appropriateness .

    In case of doubt what I mean here, develope an app, and

    call it ' Microsoft - Data saver' and than wait for the hammer to hit you.

    Kinda find it nice from Steve to reply, even the content I like. You know how it is, If you want to play with the big boys, you're better wide awake.

    Writing this from an Apple Macbook & wishing you a lively discussion, enjoy.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    "So if it's not that big of (sic) a deal, you do it, Jobsie."

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    law is law dood

    And I'd guess that the legal bill for setting precedent in undermining Apple copyright stuff is not going to sit well with shareholders.

    No matter how sweet an app, how neat and treat an app are ...

    But there again I guess all previous posters know that too?

    (Was not there some discussion about El Reg's vulture icon?)

  22. coxy

    Apple Corps vs Apple Computer

    If it's not that big a deal...

  23. vincent himpe

    call it iPoodcleanup

    for when you Pod Poo's ...

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Change your apps name to...




  25. JimFromOhio

    Pretty basic stuff, really

    If you don't defend your trademark and allow it to be used in generic terms, you run a very real risk of losing your exclusive rights to the trademark That's how companies lost their exclusive use of names like nylon and why Xerox does everything they can to not let photocopying become "xeroxed". If you don't send the legal letters, you ultimately lose.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    He's not that bad...

    If you want rude, try reading the linux kernel mailing list sometime and read Linus's replies to people - anyone remember the Alan Cox issue a few months back?

  27. the spectacularly refined chap

    Getting too familiar now

    How about Apple changes its name to Numbskull Control Freaks Inc? Not that big a deal.

    It amazes me just how quickly Apple have managed to destroy their credibility and reputation by the simple step of wanting to retain ownership of devices after they have sold them.

  28. Big-nosed Pengie


    There's an app for that.

    Grammar, not so much.

  29. Matthew Barker

    Apple had to do the same...

    Remember Rendezvous, which is now Bonjour.

    I recall there were a couple of other instances where Apple had to change names on shipping products.

    So, the response seems to come from past experience.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not exactly the same, but...

    Changing product names is a little bit of a deal:

  31. Puck
    Gates Halo

    If Steve Jobs wasn't an @sshole...

    ...he would have at least offered to help out with a link page or so for people googling the 'previously known as ipodrip' app.

    It IS a big deal for a small biz which might be low on cashflow.

    For someone big on marketing, Jobs sure is smearing the shit over his brand. Never thought Bill Gates would me made to look the one with the bigger heart.

    I feel better now about my blackberry clone at least having a proper keyboard.

  32. Maverick
    Thumb Down

    @ SimpleUser

    that's the problem with those silly mice - never know whether you've hit send once or twice eh?

    > Kinda find it nice from Steve to reply, even the content I like

    my god you ARE gullible aren't you?


  33. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Steve Jobs = Monty Burns

    It's like that scene in the Simpsons Movie where Apu, Wiggum and another character ask Monty Burns to keep providing electricity to Springfield and Apu says "just look into your heart."

    Jobs is a ruthless businessman, so appealing for leniency from him was never going to happen!

  34. Anonymous Coward

    Apple iPod ??

    To quote:

    Even though the person who came up with the name lives on an aged

    Pension. yet Steve Jobs going by Forbes has a net worth of $5.8 Billion

    US Dollars. What is it they say about karma. And remember Steve you cant

    take it with you. At least talk to the Author personally Do the right thing.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    "Flight" of the Navigator??


    Not a big deal!

  36. Will 12

    I feel for the guy

    Lets say you run a Mac company and want to run a google adword advertising your services, you can't use the word Mac or Apple in your ad!

    Its worth noting that Apple recently had to change the name of its mighty mouse because of trademark infringement.

  37. Reverend Brown

    Fresh aire.

    I love it. This is exactly how I would respond if I wouldn't fear getting fired. Screw customers. Love their money. Go go Jobbo.

    Mine's the one with the handmedownmacbookpro in the extra wide pockets.

  38. Benny
    Thumb Down


    that is a bit harsh!

    Being a Mac fan I usually avoid these threads, but I have to say, what a cock!

    'It's not what you say, it's how you say it.' - My mum

    Really, would it have been that tough to reply in a professional way?

    As a developer and Apple user, this had really tainted my view on Apple as whole.

    So yea, they are probably in wrong (legally) for using iPod, but stil, a polite reply stating why..

    Meh, might skip that Airport after all...

  39. h 6
    Thumb Up

    Same in the Auto industry

    Hi. I'm a small manufacturer of windshild wipers for the Honda Accord. We have been making them

    since 2003, and our customers tell us they are the tops. However, we received a letter from a law firm representing your company, Honda, saying we were violating your trademark because our wipers are called Accord Wipers.

    Etc., etc.

  40. Dave Murray
    Jobs Horns

    The morale of the story is...

    you shouldn't have dropped out of school to pin your future on iCrap.

  41. Dale Richards

    Perhaps I'm cynical, but...

    ...I seriously doubt Jobs actually sent this email. I'm sure the LittleApp guy sent his message, didn't get any response and then made up this story so he could buckle to Apple's legal demands whilst getting free publicity from El Reg for the name change.

  42. ElReg!comments!Pierre
    Paris Hilton

    @ Dale Richards

    "I'm sure the LittleApp guy sent his message, didn't get any response and then made up this story so he could buckle to Apple's legal demands whilst getting free publicity from El Reg for the name change."

    Naaah. Actually Apple died right after the AppleII but the LittleApp guy spen his time convincing people that the company was still alive. He released a couple computers and portable electronic devices, and has been impersonating S. Jobs for the last 15 years. Now his evil plan is complete: he might be able to include the sequence * i p o d * in his product name!. The world is his! Nyarrrh Nyarrrh Nyarrh!

    Seriously, you first name is really Paris, right?

  43. Pheet
    Jobs Horns

    Silly Laws and Bad Attitude

    I think part of the problem is that in the US, if you don't actively protect your trademark (i.e. sue everyone in sight), you can lose it.

    Apple could have come to agreement where they licensed the trademark to The Little App Factory for a nominal fee, thus protecting the trademark and without f**king them over.

    I suspect Apple doesn't like the software as it's basis is that hardware failure happens, something Apple "Designed in California made in China" don't like to admit to.

    Apple, with it's institutional control freakery as instilled by Steve Jobs from the beginning (the other Steve being the reverse), really doesn't like 3rd party developers.

    As for the idea that changing the name is no big deal, it's plainly ridiculous.

  44. Gav H.
    Thumb Down

    If this response is genuine...

    ...and regardless of the legalities of the case then I despair for Mr Job's displaying such poor attitude.

  45. JasonW

    "we have approximately 6 million customers"

    ... of an app to recover from catastrophic Jobsian HW failure.

    Glad I have a £20 MP3 player upon which I only have copies of files that are rips from my CD collection. If it dies, it'll be hit with an FBH* to save my data falling into the wrong hands, I'll buy a new one and move right along.

  46. steogede

    Re: Perhaps I'm cynical, but...

    I'm with Dale on this, if it had really been sent from Steve Jobs iPhone (see what I did there ;->), the sig. wouldn't have been "Sent from my iPhone". More likely it would have been a 100,000 word copyright notice and disclaimer.

  47. jt1234
    Paris Hilton

    @ Sanctamonious @?*$%

    "that's why I would never buy / develop for whatever platform *"

    Funny, when I hear talk of a hardware / software purchase, it's generally in terms of performance per £.

    From the tone of the comments I guess I must have found the home of an exclusive group of open source developers, who'd quickly show a middle finger when Darth Ellision comes knocking with his billions to buy you out, or Random Corp. comes asking for a support contract.

    Perhaps you build your own computers. What processors are you using? If your attitude was genuine, you wouldn't own a calculator, let alone a pc.

    Wake up and smell the shit you're knee deep in.

    Paris, because with her hardware, you can claim any opinion and still deserve a free service contract.

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Erm no big deal.

    Erm, so they have in fact not litigated against this app for over 5 years? Would anybody be surprised that in the next iteration of apple (with a little a) there will be some sort of data recovery tool?

    I the whole Jobs is a twat (and he is), we are missint the fact that while mac hardware is no more magical then anybody elses the reason we choose (and yes i am a mac user) is because they work in way that is right for us, and the reason this happens is because Jobs is a twat and a control freak.

  49. mariushm

    He should change it to...

    ... iP0dRip (with zero instead of O) or xPodRip

    but that doesn't change the fact he'll use the search engine optimizations and users won't recognize the brand when a update appears...

    He should just email all users letting them know in advance about everything.

  50. bart

    Nice one Mr. Jobs

    Sheesh, what a f*&kwad. Will he be providing the funds to execute the "little deal" of changing the name?

    Let's see him live without third party apps altogether, as his attitude inspires absolutely no one. Does Jobs even realize how much a comment like that pisses in his own drink? I can just imagine starting a software company developing software for Macs, where I would have to explain away comments and attitudes like that presented by Apple(Jobs) to potential investors.

    F^#k Apple.

  51. DaveB

    god has spoken

    Why do I keep thinking that this is like the Life of Brian blessed are the cheese makers!

    If god really did send this commandment from the holy temple then there is only one thing for a true believer to do.......OBEY.

    iPodRip is so 2004, god is right get yourself an app with more pizazz.

    iPodRip is the sort of name you write on a grave stone.

    Try thinking up a name that we can all relate to when your iPod/iMac goes wrong.

    How about iStuffed

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Apple cult leader emails outside world

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. If John Devor's app is really aimed at iPod data recovery then surely there are better names then one that contains the word RIP and implies more illegal activities like a bunch of kids at school using his app to swap music like we used to swap Panini football cards back in the day.

    I think if John was honest he would admit that his choice of name for his app is to increase his target audience beyond that of people wishing to recover data from their broken iPods.

    As for Job's reply being short and to the point, lets not forget that this is a legal case and he was lucky to get any sort of reply at all.

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    what your forgetting

    What people are forgetting is that apple are doing this just because they CAN and they have the money to do so after all its not a big deal that they are using the apple trademark and it wont hurt apple in any way. just a case of a corperation using bullyboy tactics.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Can't ...

    ... litigation lawyers contact Hugh Gray to seek approval for intended action? see

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Can't ... (part 2)

    ... or better still can't Apple's legal police do a SWOT analysis with recommended action to the board?

    (There would appear to be at least some ticks in the W and T boxes)

  56. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Oh and Microsoft has never sued anyone for trademark infringement?

    Remember Lindows? it was an invented word similar to Windows but Microsoft didn't like that and forced them to change it to something else.

    Yes, Windows, a dictionary word can't be used by anyone else?!?!

    1. Cod


      Isn't Windows a trademark - along similar lines, Apple is a trademark but apple isn't...


  57. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


    Christ almighty, this is clearly so petty.

    I once suggested El Reg stop their (wholly justified) Anti-Apple campaign to focus all efforts on toppling a greater menace to society at large, namely, Scientology.

    I now realize this cannot be. Looks like you have to fight on more fronts ;)

  58. Alex King

    I'm aghast... his crappy grammar.

    Seriously though, big corporation behaves shittily to the little guy. News at 11.

    Yes, I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro, and I have an iPhone, and I'll continue to use them because I, like everybody else, love the shiny.

  59. Sean Timarco Baggaley


    iPodRip—now named "iRip"; guess Jobs was right, who knew?—sells for $19.95.

    The site claims over 5 million downloads.

    It would appear Mr. Devor got his free publicity. Job(s) done!

    (PS: To all those saying it's Jobs' fault: do go read up on how businesses work. Here's a hint: don't confuse them with charities. Jobs is a hard-nosed, ruthless businessman with a knack for salesmanship and an eye for design. Nobody has ever claimed he was a nice guy. Nice guys don't get hired by shareholders to run global corporations that still manage to turn a profit even during a major global recession.)

  60. Macka

    Roughly translated

    John Denvor, for all his flowery words is asking SJ if he will make an exception in this case and let iPodRip off the hook. SJ - in a terse way - is saying no, because to make an exception for one, sets a precedent for all. That's exactly what JD should have expected.

    (Sent from my iPhone)

  61. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ' my god you ARE gullible aren't you?'

    Umm, yeah, of course he is, the last line where he says he's writing it on a MacBook kinda proves that.

    I think the Little App factory should change the product name to iControlFreak...

  62. Doug Glass


    Change the name to iBidiot. Firefox changed its name once upon a time as have numerous others; sometimes it best to just go with flow and leave sleeping dragons alone.

    SJ is in reality a corporate stooge and that's just the way the business works. If you don't want to play his corporate game then go find another and quit you low-down whining. Or whinging as the case may be.

  63. Death to iShite


    The only people this affects is the retards who buy Jobs' iSnakeOil so, frankly, who fucking cares?

  64. Anonymous Coward

    So what!

    If it was from him; he's a first class, arrogant c**t! No surprise there!

    If it was not him; then I foresee another court case when they find out who impersonated him!

    Either way, bloody funny!

  65. Annihilator

    Sent from my iPhone

    The fact he's enough of a bell-end to still have "sent from my iPhone" as a default signature tells me all I need to know.

  66. pctechxp
    Jobs Horns

    He could change it to

    MDeath as that is when it's used and Jobs hasn't trademarked the letter M yet, has he?

    Does show him up for the heartless greedy bastard he is though.

    As for choice of platform/device I choose whatever does whatever job best.

    I own an iPod Nano and have purchased some tracks from iTunes because it connects to my stereo and Apple had the tracks I wanted.

    I use a dual boot XP/Ubuntu system because stuff I run needs Windows and I like to tinker with Ubuntu.

    I own a Nokia 6700 because I'm not a sheep.

  67. pAnoNymous

    the guy's got a point

    looks like trademark infringement to me. the guy should call it something else - it really is not that big a deal.

    signed: Not a Mac fan (partly because I don't know how to use them/they ARE over priced(for me))

  68. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    fake story is fake

    He's a tool, not a moron. You don't send personal email to the target of current litigation.

  69. Johan Bastiaansen
    Thumb Down

    Steve is right

    Changing a name is no big deal. Look what happened when Apple (the record company) asked him to change his companies name.

  70. Tom 64
    Jobs Horns

    Serious loss of credibility

    This is coming from a man who has just received someone else's liver, talking to a loyal stockholder, customer and somebody that has contributed in perhaps even an indirect way to his own personal wealth.... You'd have thought he would have learned some gratitude by now, instead of making this demand.

    What he should have wrote was this:

    'Obviously I had no idea of the predicament our legal team had put you in. I understand your situation and will make sure that the case gets dropped immediately. Yours kindly, Steve Jobs'

  71. simon 21

    This was Jobsian Haiku

    What you flacks failed to notice about Jobs' pithy, "fuck off and don't bother me" reply is that he's obviously trying the new haiku app for the iPhone, iHaiku, coming to the Apps Store (or the App's store?) any day now.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Shouldn't that be 'I-Ku'

      Jobs is pathetic

  72. Chris Bradshaw

    Bad PR

    He needs to change his product's name, perhaps to iBackup myPodRip or something like that.

    Then, he can (and should) send an email to his 6 million customers (who are also Apple customers) explaining the name change. That will cost Apple a huge amount in bad PR and customer goodwill, not measurable though.

    Apple has a problem - even a good product which rips of their trademark will weaken or invalidate their trademark. They have to defend their product's name like this.

  73. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hormel set to make a killing.…

    ... from all those anti-spam products

  74. Sean Hunter

    What did you expect him to say?

    "Go ahead. Use my trademark for your software."?

    Commentators who are slating Jobs need to remember that he doesn't owe this small software author dick. He also knows that changing the name of a shareware app really is no big deal. It's not like shrinkwrap software where you have production and marketing costs.

  75. Sean Timarco Baggaley


    Apple's lawyers are presumably on a *salary*; it doesn't cost the company a damned penny extra to dig out the usual "Stop using our IP" template, fill in the blanks and send it off.

    Case law, however, makes it pretty damned clear what *might* happen to your trademarks and other IP if you don't protect it. So: they can do nothing and potentially lose a lot of money later on, or they can do *something*—at no cost to Apple—and not take the risk.

  76. lukewarmdog

    @Sean Hunter

    Surely the point isn't that you can't use Apples trademarks without a licence, which they wont provide.. but that Steve answered personally and made himself look like a dick.

    This isn't some mate he has texted from the pub, it's not a Twitter-alike service with a limit on character length and it should (clearly) have been left to the lawyers.

  77. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Dave B

    You need to be more careful with your punctuation. Titling your post "god has spoken" and then mentioning "Brian blessed" makes rather more sense than it probably should in context.

  78. cmaurand


    They already changed the name of the app to iRip. Everything is moot and that little company is way to small to fight the 400 pound gorilla that is Apple Computer.

  79. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    iPodRip >> iPodrip

    the capitalisation diferentiates the words iPod and Rip - iPod is a trademark hance construed as an infringement (tenious assertaion that may not stand up anyway!)

    Once it becomes iPodrip there is no capitalisation differentiation hence no word seperation, it is one word with no trademark infringement. unless you want to argue that 'i Po drip' is some kind of infringememnt which it isn't!

  80. Eddie Edwards

    @ Crazy Operations Guy

    "This is very unacceptable behavior for a CEO. First he used an informal style in a business reply, Second he didn't even put forth an argument or any reasoning AT ALL (just like his followers), and he sent it from his PHONE, something that should only be done when an urgent message needs to be sent and are away from a computer, and should never be done to a customer."

    Where do you work? IME this is precisely how all CEOs communicate with anyone they don't need a favour from.

    The style is not "informal" it is "excessively terse and commanding".

    "Arguments" are only made by people who need favours.

    I have had inboxes full of messages like this.

    Anyway, this guy is not a "customer". He's a developer who decided to bitch right at the celebrity CEO of Apple. What did he expect in return for circumventing Apple's developer support system? A gold-plated iPod?

  81. Anonymous Coward

    Generic Title here

    Don't forget, CEO's believe the sun shines out of their posteriors, and having worked under and having contact with one or two, and being ripped out when I treat them like any other mortal, not like the apparent deity they believe they are, makes me more than cynical of them.

    At the end of the day, yes you may be a CEO, you may earn more a week than I do a year, but a little courtesy doesn't cost you anything, and being an asshole doesn't endear you to people. Just because you may not NEED someone then and there, doesn't give you a right to treat them like a stain on the floor.

    I am impressed he sent a message this blunt to one of the application developers, until I remember he's a CEO, an APPLE CEO, and I'd bet an asshole if I ever met them.

    I'll stick with the little guys, the ones who contain humanity still, thanks muchly. People like the small businesses and the CEO's who actually are willing to deal with customers face to face, and apologise when they screw up, or give you a honest, and at least professional, response to matters. The only time I'd expect a message like that would be from a freind or a company I have a good working relationship with.

    But hey, maybe I'm just dissillusioned, but I'm happy with the smaller businesses I deal with, and happy to give them my money Vs some soulless Megacorp, and would trade with a smaller business as a preference. Sure, they have to get stock from bigger people than them, but at least the small people WANT your custom, unlike APPLE who don't seem to give a crap.

  82. Jacqui Smith's DVD Collection!


    If only Ballmer would say so little...

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