back to article ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

Claims from minister Stephen Timms this morning that the Digital Economy Bill has widespread support have been thrown into question, after the Internet Service Providers Association insisted it is strongly opposed to aspects of the legislation. Mandelson's bill gives him power to change copyright laws as he sees fit, using a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    living in this country is like having a deluded, clueless and utterly shit boss making stupid changes all the time.

    I have two of these in my life now - where the hell did it go so wrong?

    Right on the ISPA, could have spoken up a bit sooner though I would have thought.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    What action the Tories would take on the issue is not clear.

    That's because they're almost as clueless as the the dark lord. And not just on the internet.

    They don't know whether to reward their corporate friends or punish their voting base.

    But I think we know what they'll do, don't we children...

  3. dervheid
    Big Brother

    Yet another example...

    of this NuLabourian government's shameless attempts to shift power away from our (woefully inadequate, self serving) elected 'representatives' and into their direct control.

    The next election can't come soon enough. Unless the Dark Lord can figure out a way of postponing, or better still, cancelling it. Would I be surprised. Eh,.. NO.

    Orwell, as I predict the Dark Lord will be running 'his' department as "The Ministry of Plenty" before very long...

    Time for the daily Two-Minute Hate, I believe...

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Somebody do something about Mandy the Power Monger. P2P, Digital Radio, Nominet and now copyright law, all without further debate in either house if this 'digital economy' bill is passed.

    I think that we would amend the law to ban 'statutory instruments' for everything except matters of National Security, and even then put some form of review in place other than cherry-picked parliamentary committees . This would prevent legislation which effectively hides contentious issues behind closed doors.

    This way lies dictatorship. I'm sure that the ISPs must be looking at themselves as Boxer, while the Pigs are in No. 10, and Stephen Timms must be Squealer. The question then must be, who is Napoleon?

    Come on, people. We're not sheep. Don't just believe what you are told. Think!

    Damn, are those dogs following me.....

  5. Bob Wheeler

    Statutory Instrument

    The consent use of "statutory instrument" by government is just pure laziness. If they want to make a new law then they should do it the correct way, of using primary legislation, that allows a full debate and convincing people on the merit of their ideas.

  6. wiltshirejohn
    Thumb Down

    Slimeball Mandleson's script..

    could almost have been written by Murdock & Son.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Give Mandy control

    and Mandy can make all the corruption disappear from within parliament.

    It will still be there, but under the full control of Mandy who will make up the law as he goes along I guess.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Whitehall forecast for tonight:

    Claims of proof of affirmation and redoubled support from timms. Legislation passes.

  9. The Original Ash

    Forcing the hand

    Well done, you've broken the camel's back.

    Expect DHT and encrypted P2P to become standard, and the internet to go dark.

  10. Mike Richards Silver badge

    'What action the Tories would take on the issue is not clear.'

    No, that's easy.

    'Tell us what to do Rupert.'

  11. ElFatbob
    Thumb Down

    How about

    you vote against Mandleson, Jeremy, instead of lubing up for his sithness.

    You Hunt.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    P2P's old hat, and too vulnerable to snooping.

    Encrypted usenet's what all the cool kids are using these days.

    Just hope nobody tells Mandy...

    ...Oops! ;)

  13. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    @Bob Wheeler

    I think you've missed the point here.

    Why else might they want to use a Statutory Instrument?

    Could it be to avoid scrutiny......

  14. John Murgatroyd


    "Expect DHT and encrypted P2P to become standard, and the internet to go dark."


    Then a Statutory Instrument making encryption illegal.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    "what action the Tories would take"

    Whatever action the Tories would take would, if Lord "Two Resignations" Mandelson of Ill Repute gets his own way, probably include Mandy in some Government role - back in September he told Murdoch's organ that he'd be extremely relaxed about serving under the Tories. New Labour? Blue Labour, more like.

    "In an interview with The Sunday Times magazine, the business secretary said he would be willing to put his “experience at the disposal of the country”, if Labour lost power. “As I grow older, I can imagine more ways of serving my country than simply being a party politician,” he said.

    Asked whether he might use his experience in business and world trade under a future government, he said: “If I was asked to do something for my country using that asset base, of course, I would consider it.”

    On the specific point of whether he would consider requests from a Conservative government, he said: “Of course, it wouldn’t be serving the government, it would be serving the country and I wouldn’t be doing it by becoming a member of that government.”

  16. James Melody
    Paris Hilton

    I love democracy

    I blame this on all the idiots who voted Mandelson into power.

    Oh, wait a minute........

    Paris as we didn't vote for her either.

  17. Eddiea30

    Where is your evidence

    You claim that Ofcom will use DPI. Where is your evidence? You critique others by claiming a lack of evidence. I can see nothing to support your claim. Either back it or drop it. Else you risk undermining much of the value in other things you say.

  18. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    What a NuLabour minister does when in doubt

    Pull out a statutory Instrument.

    A study of how many bills incorporate SI powers (and which ones have been used) might make an interesting end of degre (or PhD?) project for someone within a law or History department.

  19. Dazed and Confused


    Mandy wasn't elected

    He isn't electable

    The current dictatorship doesn't believe in democracy

    In Mandy's case they believe in demonocracy.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Re: What action the Tories would take on the issue is not clear.

    Indeed. As long as the pool of Britards (people who think that it's a Tory/Labour world and that there's a real choice between what these two options offer) keep voting for Murdoch's anointed one, it's going to be business as usual in Britain until either the EU or the chimps take over, whichever happens first.

  21. Andy Taylor

    More rights for the corporates, less for the independents

    Meanwhile Lord Voldemort, I mean Mandleson wants to remove copyright protection for non-commercial use of photographs. The election can't come soon enough.

  22. frank ly

    Style Error

    "Someone tell Lord Sith ...."

    I think you'll find that the correct form of address is 'Lord Mandy'. The 'Sith Lord' is one correct form of address when referring to him. It is not correct to call him or refer to him as 'Lord Sith'.

  23. steve hayes

    What happened to parliment

    I thought we had got rid of the monarchy and had an elected parliament to make lawful decisions.

    President Mandleson - unelected at that.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    They Lose

    On copyright there should be a 10 year maximum copyright then everything becomes public domain, that's more than enough time to make some cash. Winblows is prime example of how copyright and licensing stifles innovation... the free software community had hardware accelerated 3d desktop environments years before M$ implented it.

    Furthermore for the past 20 years the Entertainment Industry has used its control of the means of production to exploit the consumer base and drive up pricing to unrealistic levels. The Average wage per hour in this country is £6.22 yet the average new album is £12.99, £40.00 for a game or £15 for a DVD, it's insane of course people are going to pirate. Now that people have control over the means of production so to speak the idiotic entertainment industry is crying foul rather than getting off their slave owning plantation chairs and changing their business model to one of cheap bulk buying via online subscriptions etc... a model that people are crying out for, to someone on £800 pounds a month £15 per month subscription for unlimited downloads is doable.

    The whole media has either got you fools thinking "Oh the poor pirates have rights" or "Oh the poor entertainment Industry is going down the swanny" when the reality is that both parties are the extreme and somewhere in the middle is the solution.

    The answer is heavy curtailing on industry control over market pricing, stronger policing of mass scale pirating (not jo blogs at home downloading the newest "cam") and safe official alternative low priced subscription service.

    Draconian Sith laws banning people form the net won't change anything people will just trade DVD's and Music CD's again like they've done for years, furthermore it's not hard to rip iPlayer streams or Music from Spotify via your sound card using free program like Audacity this whole bullshit is insane.

  25. John Bailey


    Is it just me, or does "widespread support" mean that lots of ministers agree with what they are told to?

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    "Slimeball Mandleson's scrip could almost have been written by Murdock & Son."

    From, down in the comments:

    "...there was the "panel" the Government convened about this, that consisted of people from the Premier League, Channel 4, BSkyB, and the record industry. If you're keeping score, that's 50% Murdoch-paid."

    Can we have a Mandlebrot icon with horns, please?

  27. Garry Mills



    OK, they got into a bit of a toy chucking incident, but have the powers to take over a non profit making company *just like that*

    That could be the last time I go and buy a .uk TLD

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