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The IoSafe Solo USB drive is a robust storage device that promises to protect precious data in the event of a fire or flood. It uses patented technology to surround the 3.5in Sata hard disk with both waterproof and fireproof barriers, as well as an innovative cooling mechanism. IoSafe Solo IoSafe's Solo: disc burning and …


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  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Should sell well in New Orleans...

    ... not to mention Florida and most of the East Coast of the US. What's it like in a tornado?

  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Needs a wifi connection

    No good having to wire your PC up to this. What happens if you have precious data on lots of machines? It would be better if this level of survivability was built into a unit that lots of machines could network to, wirelessly.

  3. Scott Mckenzie

    So come on then...

    ...when do we get part 2 where you explain leaving it an open fire for 9 days whilst using it as a stand for roasting chestnuts??

  4. Anonymous Coward


    If heat is conducted out of the unit, wouldn't it also be conducted the other way in event of a fire?

  5. Annihilator Silver badge

    Laurel and Hardy do hardware reviews!

    Or is it more reminiscent of Frank Spencer?


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    In app seriousness..

    This really isn't a good test of the device, unless a control was also carried out by immersing a similar hard drive without the protective case, too.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Data Safety?

    So where is the RAID 1?

    Not much good if you make all your backups to a supposedly indestructible device and then the drive in the middle has a bad day and dies is it.

  8. Karl Lattimer

    let me know when

    the drop proof one arrives :P

  9. The Original Steve

    RAID and Wifi

    Whack on £50, throw in another drive in a RAID1 array and have a wireless option and we'll talk.

    If it's worth the money to protect against fire or flood, then it's worth the money against shock and generic drive failures too.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I want to see...

    a pic of the face of the PRbunny when you handed the thing back to 'em after a week down the well...

  11. Slackness


    Considering the price of off-line storage with an SLA this FAIL.

  12. Anonymous Bastard

    So it's well-hard?

    (A pun on 'rad-hard')

  13. Cliff

    RAID and Wifi ftw

    I'd be prepared to pay much more than an extra £50 for this to be a mirrored pair, and the wifi would be a nice touch. I will happily pay a premium for those times when data needs to be saved, safely, to be safe.

    There are times when you just cannot upload everything to cloud backup storage (filming on location with only GPRS available on phones, for instance), so you want as near-perfect safety as you can get and will happily pay for it, especially in a non-19" rack form-factor.

    The ideal product for me will be quite pricey, but fireproof and waterproof, RAID1, as heavily ruggedised as one can do to a spinning lump of metal, and have a manufacturer ready to insure its data integrity upto say £20000 for upto 24hrs - long enough to get an offsite backup!

  14. Unlimited
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    No Raid, No Network

    No purchase

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Solid exterior, but what about the disk itself?

    Seriously, Hitachi Deathstar?

    And, as AC@1604 said. You do your backup into it, and woe betide you, the drive inside dies. Because it's a Deathstar, no less!

    Bet it will survive fire and floods, but not earthquakes even tiny ones that barely register on the Richter Scale.

    And yeah, the other reviewers' point that it lacks RAID 1 and NAS capabilities. At the price it's being sold for, I'd rather have a NAS stored in a fireproof and waterproof safe (padded by sponge around it, so it's shock absorbant as well).

    Flame. Because that's what happened to the Death Star in Star Wars.

  16. The Original Ash


    Two non-fireproof versions, with RAID1, in separate buildings, for the same price.

  17. The First Dave


    Come on - tell us why it stopped working as soon as it went into the well?

  18. Remy Redert


    I'm going to guess power supply failure in the unit as a result of short circuit. That water clearly wasn't clean enough.

    And yeah, I'll just separate my data storage across several tall buildings. Much cheaper.

  19. tryforsure


    Why did you have to disable the internal fan before dropping it in the well? is this a prerequisite on the eula?

    high lands of where, the moon?

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