back to article IBM squishes systems software into new business unit

As is usually the case at IBM, the official convergence is often announced long after various product lines were already well on their way toward a confluence behind the scenes. And so it is with a new unit of Big Blue's Systems and Technology Group, which put all of its operating systems and hypervisor virtualization software …


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  1. Chris Miller

    "Unix-based NonStop fault tolerant clusters"

    Tandem systems (mostly) run an OS called Guardian, quite distinct from Unix (though there are some similarities).

  2. Dave Harris Bronze badge

    Interesting M&A targets

    "Now it is time for IBM to get serious and buy Red Hat before Oracle does. In a pinch, snapping up Citrix Systems and Novell would also do."

    I'd agree that one of the major Linux players makes sense from IBM's perspective, but I'm not sure that gaining control of both Red Hat and SUSE, through Novell, would be a great idea, and it certainly wouldn't for the wider Linux community.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too late

    I hope they start by removing all the bugs in IBM Director. Oh buying Citrix won't happen, IBM missed it's chance of buying VMware years ago.

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