back to article Office 2010 fights Google with SharePoint bloat

Office is in a curious competitive position. On the desktop, Office is untouchable - even the free has done little to shift its hold, especially in business. Microsoft should worry though about competing online document authoring and collaboration tools, especially those from Google. They lack features now, but …


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  1. Terra (Xobni)

    Social Features in Outlook Already Available with Xobni

    Regarding the social features mentioned in Social Connector, you don’t have to wait until next year... Xobni is offering this stuff (and more) now, and has been downloaded more than 3 million times. Not to mention, we don't take over your preview pane - perhaps the most valuable UI in Outlook. ;)

    Xobni has shown that bringing in social elements into the inbox is very powerful, so Microsoft’s announcement of Social Connector is an obvious step to bring Outlook into the current state of technology. WE’ve been focusing for years by developing killer search in Outlook and also allowing you to not only view, but interact with sites/services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Salesforce, etc. (again, available now). Bill Gates himself called Xobni “the future of social networking” at Microsoft Office Developer Conference last year.

    To share a few details on Xobni, we deliver lightning-fast search, automatic contact profiles, a "threaded" view of email conversations, automatic phone number extraction so you don’t have to create a contact in Outlook, a “network” pane which shows all the people associated (or copied on emails) with that contact, analytics and content integration from top social networking sites – all without having to leave Outlook. We also have Xobni Rank, which works to bring the most important emails and people to the top – even as you are composing an email. At least from what we can see, only a portion of this feature set is addressed in Microsoft’s announcement – for example, there’s no innovation in Outlook search, which is one of the features our users love the most about Xobni.

    We’ve also announced that we are expanding to new platforms – just last week ago, we demoed up on stage at the BlackBerry Developer conference a new mobile platform that delivers a version of Xobni for BlackBerry devices.

    So give us a shot (free) at

  2. Peter White
    Thumb Down

    M$ trying to get a bigger hold on your data??

    so to use web 2.0 rubbish like twitter, facebook etc you now can put you credentials into a M$ app like outlook 2010?

    and how many security holes does M$ try and plug each month on patch tuesday?

    why not just post your account details on you facebook page or tweet them to everyone

    social networking has enough security issues without adding M$ app's into the mix as well

    how long before someone codes a malicious email to harvest them??


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Naming things

    'SkyDrive' sounds a lot like 'SkyDive', which is probably not what one wants to be doing relative to a cloud.

  4. Mark 65

    Google Docs

    One thing of note with the above is that, when uploading an Excel spreadsheet using plenty of formulas referring to named ranges, it monumentally f*cks the spreadsheet up. This was a problem a couple of months ago but I honestly couldn't be arsed checking it more recently. It used to work so I assume someone made a code change.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More make work for MS developers ...

    producing rubbish like this. WTF is the green sludge in the lower right corner?

  6. Tom Maddox Silver badge

    Xobni (Spam)

    Spam? Spammity spam spam spam. Spam. Spam spam spam spam. Spam, spam, spam. Spam! SPAM. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam.

    Baked beans.


  7. Tony Paulazzo


    Yes, but how touch friendly is it? can you scribble directly onto Word and have it convert to text, or do they still use a stupid text recognition window floating on top? I want to scribble an appointment directly into outlook not see what inane thoughts a friend vomited into Facebook. Also, as someone above mentioned, security worries, I like Outlook being a closed system (as much as that's possible in a windows environment), not leaking out onto the interwebs.

    The ribbon I'm ok with, great for touch screens, but there needs to be an easy and quick way to flip off screen when not required.

  8. Dale 3

    Upgrade from Office 2007?

    Sheesh, I've only just upgraded TO Office 2003, from 97.

  9. swaygeo


    The problem I have with the SharePoint 2007 system my workplace employs is that it can nearly do anything I want it to,

    It can nearly do auto updating graphs

    External users can nearly log on to see files

    It nearly deals with concurrent users

    It can nearly be used by china (actually it can't, but I don't think I can blame Microsoft for that one)

    Most annoying of all the nearlies is that it nearly stays up for more than a week at a go.

    The principle behind the system is good, the navigation is ok, and the auto-archieving is actually quite useful, but actually using the system is a pain the arse.

    So if they've addressed those issues, I'll be thrilled :D

  10. Dan 63


    The company I work for has implemented SP2007 quite well. It's stable and users like it. Go back to the people that set it up and tell them to do it properly.

  11. David Bond


    Not experienced any problems with sharepoint, a few annoyances that required me to write some features (plugins), which are to do with auto updating information in documents and lists (which took maybe 10 minutes to do). I set up SharePoint a few years ago at the place I work, not had a single stability problem with it, its not used by a large number of people, only around 300, but there hasnt been a single instance of it needing to be restarted.

  12. zenkaon


    We use sharepoint at work. It's a word we tend to spit out, much like how the Irish say "Thierry Henry"

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