back to article T-Mobile raises Sidekick from the dead

T-Mobile resumed sales of its benighted Sidekick smart(ish)phone on Tuesday morning, six weeks after a cloudburst swamped the once-popular status symbol. In early October, a catastrophic server failure at a Microsoft subsidiary - the all-too-prophetically named Danger - wiped out Sidekick users' personal data that had been …


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  1. barth

    It's 1 AM

    do you know where your data is ?

  2. Tim Keck

    Sidekick, oh not that sidekick!

    Here I thought they were reviving the old Borland PIM software. Shows how old I am.At lest that would have been useful, maybe.

  3. Wallyb132

    Its really too bad, Danger...

    Danger had a good thing going, very well designed platform and phone setup, they were very hip for their time. its really too bad they got infected by that coolness killing, image ruining, reputation destroying disease known as Microsoft, and now they're doomed to a future image of looking like a bunch of old men way out of touch with style, still trying to look cool, with really bad comb overs...

    kinda like the current Microsoft execs...

  4. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    They will come, and some will come back

    The service is running again. And whether or not Microsoft/Danger/T-Mobile promises this will never happen again and offers tours of the data centers to prove it (whatever that would do,) they will come back. People who were affected will forget as all or most of their data is restored. People who still see the Sidekick as a status symbol will still want one because, face it, six weeks is forever ago in this fast-paced world.

    And many of those who left to try a smart phone with a chunky-client approach to storage -- synchronized on the handset and somewhere in the cloud -- using Google and ActiveSync, will come back after finding that it is just too hard to manage connections themselves. They will want to return to the transparent interface that Just Works(tm).

    My skepticism says that this will not kill the Sidekick, or T-Mobile. Though I would find it interesting if it did one or both.

    Paris, she did one or both already and got the t-shirt, we got the video.

  5. ratfox Silver badge

    Ah, not that many people care

    You would be surprised how few people that do not follow IT closely have heard about the crash.

    And actually, I would still feel rather safe buying one. I'm not saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but I assume Microsoft/Danger/T-Mobile will be extra careful about everything now...

    But anyway, my trusty ol' Treo (of pre-iPhone days) is still chugging along, so I won't be buying anything right now...

  6. Daniel 1


    "Well, sir, T-Mobile can assure you, that to the best of our knowledge, our staff sold all your data to a variety of companies in Bangalore, Bangkok, and a shadowy group of Lithuanians - so as soon as any of them answer their telephones, we should be able assemble a backup."

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