back to article The biggest flash drive in the world

ViON have produced a 100TB DRAM solid state drive, which they claim to be the largest flash memory-based storage box in the world. The HyperStor-6200 uses both Hitachi Data Systems and Texas Memory Systems technology - think RamSan 6200 - and provides five million I/Os per second (IOPS) with 60GB/sec bandwidth. It is a monster …


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  1. Paul_Murphy


    >What else would need such an extreme of SSD design?

    need <> want, and I suspect that it's a want, which someone has disguised as a need as in 'we don't want the terry-wrists getting hold of this technology first!'.



  2. Ivan Voras

    Backup of the Internet?

    Back in the day we were joking about people trying to backup the Internet on their diskettes "to carry home" ... now these guys are trying to backup the Internet -- in real time :)

  3. Jon Double Nice

    Have we abandoned Reg SI Units?

    How many Wrists does all this translate into?

  4. Joe Blogs

    Can I...

    order one of these, and one of the Jaguars made by Cray from the Top500 article please... you do take American Express don't you?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Hmmm.... Who'd need this?

    A database with three billion records and multi-XMP processing... Just don't turn the fences off this time.

  6. TRT Silver badge


    Flash forward 6 months...

  7. Steve X

    What else would need such an extreme of SSD design?

    Maybe they're testing a Beta of Windows 8 ?

  8. Dave 145
    Thumb Up


    It's a backup of there "Personal entertainment" cough cough :D 60GB/s Makes for perfect HD streaming if you ask me.


    Maybe this is the next step towards a better backup solution as tapes and ordinary HDD just dont provide the bandwith or storage required. With this i could backup my PC in just over 30 seconds

  9. N2

    @ Testing beta of Windows 8?

    Or Orifice 2010!

  10. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    I must be jaded

    100 TB just doesn't seem newsworthy anymore, even for flash. It's big, sure enough, but not THAT big. Now, had it been 100 PB, then I'd think it was cool.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      ... or you are just not getting it.

      Memory stick that you carry in your bag = 8GB. 100 TB = 12800 of those.

      Of course if you can build a big enough USB farm, park some ZFS on it and actually get some USB bus speed that can drive it, and you remember that you don't have any moving parts, you'r right, it is just not that cool.

  11. Steve Evans

    Tut tut...


    Raid isn't about protection, it's about availability... However it does beg the question... How do you back this bugger up?!

  12. Andrew Kelly

    How big?

    Memory stick sized would ge good but micro sd would be even better.

    In 10 years time we'll all be saying "Remember when they brought out that 100TB SSD that was the size of a wardrobe? Those were the days!"

  13. Sly
    Black Helicopters

    Could be for the criminal DNA database

    with so many law enforcement agencies looking up that info on a daily basis, this would help speed things along nicely and get the week to a month turnaround for queries down a bit.

    Or they're playing nuclear wargames on it.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Sly re: criminal DNA database

    You've got it all wrong - in the US, we have a database for the DNA of criminals. It's you guys with the DNA database which IS criminal.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    What the fup!

    After extensive fine tuning, the darn thing only achieves a Windows Vista Experience index base score of 3.8...

  16. Anonymous Coward

    turn it into a soho commodity

    and then I'll be impressed.

  17. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD



  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Raid can be about protection

    RAID 1(+) mirrors so it protects against hardware failure.

    Sure saying RAID protection can be misleading as RAID doesn't always involve mirroring.

    And of course mirroring is not a complete backup solution, but it does offer protection, protection against hardware failure.

    And of course it is wrong to say that RAID is just about availability, in fact more often it is about performance, whether striping on flash memory gives performance is probably worthy of investigation.

  19. Evil_Trev

    So what

    A number of techie types round here have been competing to build the biggest home NAS and there are at least two jokers with 20TB in their back bedrooms.

  20. Robert E A Harvey

    Ah, the old days

    I unforget installing a 'ram disk' on Baker Perkins' IBM mainframe. It was the size of a couple of filing cabinets, and looked like a 10" removable platter disk drive to the OS, while being a hundred times faster.

    It used about five horse-power's worth of electricity and contained something like 25Mb as I recall. Or would have done if the tight bastards had ordered it full.

    At the time the streetlights outside were still gas-lit.

  21. niteo

    I don't understand.....

    PCI Express 2.0 with the 32 relation is 32Gb per second. How i can use 60Gb/sec. ???

  22. Paul 37
    Thumb Up


    Now semi-soused civil servants can leave whole governments worth of information on the train on a Friday night

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