back to article Sarko caught short in Irish VIP footie box shocker

Diplomatic relations between Ireland and France have crumbled ahead of the two nation's World Cup qualifying playoff, according to alleged letters between the two nations allegedly leaked to an alleged Irish soccer blog. Irish Soccer Insider tells the world there's now a "full-blown diplomatic row brewing" after the French …


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  1. finnbarr

    Ha ha ha!

    I hope this is true; I've never actually laughed out loud at a Reg story before!

  2. SpeakerToAliens.


    True or False, well done El Reg!

  3. Mark A


    It's funny, but it's fake... the address is "Rue des Blaguer" which translates as "Joke Street" (no it's not a real street). Also I doubt there's really a French embassy in Paris, seems redundant...

  4. Mark A


    Looks fake... "Rue des Blaguer" translates as "Joke Street". Also not sure why there'd be a French consulate in Paris, seems redundant...

  5. GeorgeTuk

    Well spotted Mark A

    But bloomin' funny anyways!

  6. WinHatter
    IT Angle

    Massively huge box

    joke most probably but still,

    Sarko needs one tiny box for his body & soul and a massive one adjacent to it for his massively over inflated ego.

  7. cognominal

    royalist header, completely faked address

    The en-tête displays a lys flower which was used by French kings, hardly a republican symbol.

    The address of the "Consulat général de France" is an obvious fake.

    2-24 rue des blaguers 74139 Paris france

    No rue des blagers in Paris, the zipcode 74139 denotes a place not in Paris but in Haute-Savoie, an unlikely place for a consulat général. Finally the correct spelling is "blagueur", meaning someone who pulls practical jokes.

    The only thing true is that our president is a midget; a fidgeting midget, I would say.

  8. Wyrmhole_


    You guys should have known better than to just post an Internet joke. :/

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    <-- A first I understood this kind of "VIP box."

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Irish contraception

    Reminds me of the Irish lady who had a short husband and no kids;

    In confession the priest asked if she used contraception;

    'oh no father, I make him stand on a box and just when he goes red in the face I kick the box away.'

  11. Joeyfallon
    Thumb Up

    Too funny

    Thanks so much for publishing this. Fabulous. C'mon the Irish.

  12. Ryan 7

    @ Mark A

    I came here to say almost exactly what you did!

  13. Alain Moran


    Joke or not, I still love this story :D

  14. The Mighty Spang


    ireland just lost 1-0.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    'tis a good job ....

    ... that the French President is given all the respect he deserves.

  16. Ian Coutts

    Very Clever

    The article reminds me why I read El Reg every day...for the spirit and ingenuity. Bootnote to other readers "If these clever people got real jobs then we might be out of ours". Pity the author of the article must now mange le corbeau.

  17. Aleksandr Gekht

    Fake but funny

    Naturally funny - doubly so considering that French actually won the game.

  18. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
    Thumb Down

    aw... :(

    Regretfully, I was not surprised with the outcome of the match... Ah well, better luck next time lads...

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