back to article Samsung retracts Symbian support snub

Samsung has denied its plans to drop support for the Symbian platform, proving only that the Korean company is getting better at western politics. The anti-Symbian statements made by a Samsung VP, which we relayed on Wednesday, aren't exactly denied by the manufacturer, but the company would like everyone to know that it's …


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  1. Scott Lamb

    Nokia A500?

    I would sell my mom for phone that natively ran AmigaOS (or emulated at high speed, I suppose).

  2. brendand

    Well put

    But for the same reason that their statement yesterday wasn't a 'ringing endorsement', the statement reported on wednesday wasn't 'divorcing','dropping','dumping' or 'giving up', or any of the other terms used in the blogosphere. All the Samsung exec probably said was that they have no Symbian phones slated for 2010.

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