back to article Lite-on ETDU108 slim DVD drive

So ubiquitous has DVD burning become that when Lite-on sent us its ETDU108 slimline external optical drive, we naturally assumed it could write DVD±R/RW discs. It was only when we tried unsuccessfully to burn one that we realised our assumption was incorrect. Liteon ETDU108 Liteon's ETDU108: read only The ETDU108 is a read …


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  1. Richard 22
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    Burning DVDs?

    Why would I want to burn DVDs from a netbook? They're generally used for content consumption rather than generation surely? I have a desktop machine with a DVD burner - the netbook gets used for general web browsing, watching films on plane journeys and watching TV/iplayer in the kitchen. This drive seems to fit exactly that usage pattern - while I probably wouldn't bother with it for watching films, it might be useful for such things as reinstalling Windows, since installing Windows from USB is a pain in the arse.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    I'm pretty sure you can buy an external DVD-DL burner for around that price (£35), plenty of them on the internet tat market.

  3. Annihilator Silver badge

    Floppy drive review please

    The 1990's called, they want their review back.

  4. Paul Chapman
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    I agree with Richard

    Richard is right - whilst I do move data off my netbook, I use a USB key for this. In the 6 months since I've had one, I have not felt the urge to burn a DVD from my netbook once, but an upgrade to allow me to take films for the kids without having to transcode them sounds good.

    Would I pay £30 for this? I very possibly will.

    Would I pay £50 for this? No.

    Good review otherwise, as usual.

  5. Newt_Othis


    Thank you for not writing the plural of DVD as DVD's.

  6. jason 7


    £30 for a OEM laptop DVD burner and £3 for a Ebay USB enclosure. Throw in your P&P and 5 minutues putting it together you are looking at nearly £40 for the full solution.

    Would be a bit smaller/slimmer too.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Netbook + Nero + Dongle = BSOD

    This is a good idea. There are problems with media writing software (Nero and Roxio that I know of for sure) forking up the USB handlers so that when a 3G dongle is plugged in a BSOD is generated. With this device you won't be tempted to install that shitty software and spend days trying to fix the problem.

  8. Ian McNee

    Sing-a-song of Samsung...

    Nick: maybe you should have checked what else was available right now. How about this little Samsung *writer* (inc. dual layer and DVD-RAM) for less than forty notes:

    This has the added advantage of being shiny "piano" black which, as any geek knows, makes it go faster (as long as you polish off grubby fingerprints). If the Lite-On had a worthwhile USP for this market segment, e.g. ultra-low power consumption (solar powered?) or possibly a UV-reactive luminous blue paint job, it might be worth considering. As it is it's just a big fat fail.

  9. Luke R
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    Only needs one USB port

    Being read-only, it only needs one USB port. Many (most? all?) DVD writers need more power than one USB port can provide and so you waste two USB ports on the drive. I've personally found two-port drives to be temperamental to boot. I doubt the target netbook market are that fussed about the lack of writing.

  10. Ogi
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    £30 seems a bit much...

    For £24.50 I got a slimline DVD-ROM/+RW/-RW/RAM drive and a sleek black external enclosure for it.

    Assembly was a breeze! You pushed the drive into the enclosure until it clicked, and tightened two screws in the back to hold it in place. I've come across more difficult phone batteries to replace than this. Just about everyone can do it. Hell for £35 you could buy it and probably find someone to assemble it for you (It's literally a 20 second job, I'd do it for £10 no problem).

    While I admit I don't often need burning capability on my netbook, why not have the feature just in case? Especially as it's cheaper.

    Not to mention the fact that you can use the drive with other machines. Can't tell you how many times I plugged the drive into a friends or work computer to burn DVD's, because their drive can't do it.

    Honestly I see no point the reviewed product. It's more expensive, bigger and has fewer features than what you can get in online shops.

  11. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    Speaking as someone who uses a thin'n'light laptop - as opposed to a netbook - I *do* see the value in having a drive capable of burning. I've burned a lot of Linux distro disc on the no-name external drive I keep in the office.

  12. Patrick 14

    I have one..

    I have this model and its great.

    it works well on an old 701 8gb i had a while ago.

    but some early laptops cannot power it. as it claims on the back it need's DC-5volts at 1.5A

    There also do a writer version for only £42.50 which comes with the double usb lead.

    Only stupid thing about it is the four feet on the bottom are not as higher than the cable that fits in the back. so does not sit right on table when not in use. also the usb plug is the wrong way up so you have to twist the cable round to put it in a normal usb port..

  13. Anonymous Coward

    DVD rom only?

    Quite old school to be honest, and as many people have said, a burner isn't much more expensive.

    Ever since my main PC blew up a year and a half ago, I can't afford to replace it completely (apparently, the new power supply works fine, but presumably something else is dead), and I need to burn things off my EEE 1000HE.

    I bought the one Ian McNee mentions, 54 euros, and with only two USB slots used for power to burn (reading seems fine with just one), it's a nifty drive which suits my needs. Fairly decent build too, whilst plastic it feels secure, though I wouldn't trust my cat to sit on it when it's running.

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