back to article Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web

A beta version of Microsoft’s Office 2010 software package has unsurprisingly tipped up on some BitTorrent sites ahead of its expected official release next week. In recent days the beta code has begun to appear on the likes of The Pirate Bay et al. Elsewhere, IT site Craving Tech has posted some screenshots of what Office …


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  1. Nick


    Ye gods, we're all doomed.

  2. rincewind
    Gates Halo

    First impressions

    Looks pretty snazzy. Hopefully they will have a open testing phase soon.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo


    "Hopefully they will have a open testing phase soon."

    Thats called commercial release at Microsoft

  4. frank ly

    May I Be The First To Say.......

    .....I'm still running Office 2000 and it still works just fine. (But on Win-7, Outlook 2000 falls over when you try to send mail. Never mind, Thunderbird/Lightening works fine on Win-7)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Noooooooooo

    Not MORE idiot task bars,

    Not MORE corporate moron malware,

    Not MORE microsoft malfeances.....

    Open Office...... Ubuntu Linux....... Happy, Soooo Sooooooo Happy....

    NO more Microsoft.

  6. Big-nosed Pengie


    The day that I ditched Mickey$haft for Linux counts as one of the most wonderful days of my life.

  7. Jimbo 7

    to @frank ly

    Are you really running Oulook 2000? really? MS has lot of issues, but this is not one of them for sure.

  8. robert 15

    technical preview

    been runing the TP since july.. I was a fan of 2007 and 2010 is just building on that. I duab boot ubuntu but I find myself going back to windows for Office.. Openoffice just isnt as good.

  9. frank ly

    @Jimbo 7 re. @frank ly

    It is from an old Office 2000 install CD that I have and it calls itself 'Outlook 2000', so that seems conclusive to me :)

    It will read mail fine (I loaded it up with account details from my old desktop installation). When I try to send mail, it gives me an error message "An error occurred while attempting to open the Windows Address Book. Unable to find the WAB DLL".

    I had no problems at all with Outlook 2000 running under Win 2k and Win XP on a series of laptops and desktops and on my Asus EEE901 under XP.

    Under WIn-7 RC (clean install on my old laptop), it fails to send mail as noted above.

    (Word 2000 and Excel 2000 work fine. Access 2000 seems to work but I don't use it)

    Maybe I could do lots of digging around, check out MS tech sites and suchlike, find this WAB DLL thing and install it...................

    No. Thunderbird/Lightening installed with no problems and works very well for me.

  10. Brian 6

    @ Big-nosed Pengie

    So u dont have a girl or a life.......u sad bastard.

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