back to article Corel receives bigger buyout offer

Corel has told regulators in Canada that it has received an improved offer to buy the firm, and the board has not yet decided what to do. Venture capital firm Vector Capital, which already owns a majority stake in desktop software vendor Corel, is offering to buy the rest of the firm. In a statement to Canadian share …


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  1. Bilgepipe

    Paint Shop

    For the love of god just keep Paint Shop going.

  2. Rob Crawford


    the company who has destroyed almost as many products as CA

  3. Ideala2

    Ah the good old days...

    Never been able to warm to anything beyond Jascs PSP 7... good luck to them though. A little competition is always good.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Corel makes alternatives to Microsoft's Office products ?

    Where ? Where ? Have any one of you seen them ? Oh you mean pencils and paper pads with Corel's logo.

  5. Cantankerous Old Buzzard
    Gates Horns

    Corel Alternatives

    Once upon a time, the Corel office suite was damn good, and Wordperfect was the program of choice if you wanted cross-platform compatibility -- nothing else I know of even came close.

    Then came the Redmond beast with all the back-room marketing deals, and another excellent product was ( nearly ) extinguished. To this day I consider the Wordperfect user interface superior to anything out of Micro$lop --- by a LONG WAY.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Isn't that more of a liability than an asset, given the number of free alternatives?

  7. Mike S

    Still Going

    Just as a point of fact, our department still uses WordPerfect and Corel Draw pretty heavily.

    WordPerfect still supports some useful features, such as Reveal Codes. Corel Draw just works.

    Also, narry a ribbon interface on either of them. I think the current versions for both are X4 or X5 (aka 14 or 15).

  8. Shaun Hunter

    WordPerfect is the one true god.

    Hate to see Corel loosing Canadian ownership but taking it private may be the right think for the company.

    I still have a boxed copy of Corel Linux. Ahh nostalgia.

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