back to article Vodafone prices up the HD2

If you don’t minding signing an airtime agreement, then you can now bypass Expansys’ £500 ($828/€554) asking price for an unlocked HTC HD2 and bag yourself the phone for free on Vodafone. HTC_HD2_001 HTC's HD2: Now available through Vodafone While Vodafone won’t supply the device unlocked, the company will give you 900 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Vodafone already unlock all their devices

    As the title says Vodafone already unlock all of their devices so it will be unlocked if you get it on VF ;)

  2. Adamaxe
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    The Vodafone UK variant is unlocked

    The Vodafone UK variant of the HTC HD2 is unlocked

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