back to article still sorting email service has moved all email boxes across to a new system, and should have restored emails and other data within 24 hours. The firm has been facing a barrage of angry users for almost two weeks after a RAID array failed, cutting off subscribers from their email. Managing director Martin Baker said: "We're at the tail end of …


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  1. BristolBachelor Gold badge
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    New system just a coincidence?

    So is it just a coincidence that after the failure occured, there is a new mail system?

    It's bad enough that the email's been down for a week, now we have to sort out problems with the roll-out of a different system as well.

    Does the register's contact say why emails sent from the new webmail interface don't arrive?

    Does the register's contact say why the webmail interface can't be sent FROM a particular email address? (for example one of the ones I pay UK2 for) Why does it always say it's from the address of the POP3 box? How am I supposed to route emails according to their TO address if they are all the same because they are replies to emails that all have the same FROM address?

    Does the Register's contact say why every email now goes out with the address of the mailbox in it, even when sent from a normal mail application? I don't want people to see the address of the mailbox; I want them to see the sender's email address as put in by the senders email program. The address of the mailbox is just a frigg to avoid UK2 having SMTP forwarding servers for their customers.

    Does the Register's contact say what is happening with new service tickets? Are they being "saved" on the old RAID array?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Does that mean that they will finally get round to answering my request for a refund on account of them not knowing the difference between their Gluteus Maximus and their elbow, and therefore not having a chance in hell of actually addressing any kind of technical issue?

    Tell you what - I'll hold my breath shall I? See what colour I go?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    I'm glad I left them a couple of years ago. They were technically incompetent then,and apparently, technically incompetent now.

  4. Apocalypse Later

    All change

    Actually, there was some kind of change to their mail system well before the current failure. They used to accept outgoing mail from free email accounts, even by smtp from people logged on elsewhere, but that stopped a month or two ago. Now I can only get to my account on webmail, not that I ever do. I was using it purely for mail relay. There were problems with that too, as many other ISPs (Comcast especially) would block all UK2 mail for spamming. Probably why they tightened up access to their relay.

  5. Ardcomp
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    UK2 suck!

    It is now a week since UK2 messed up with my email and it is still not working.

    When people send me an email, they get it bounced back with a "it was rejected by the recipient domain." then "Recipient address rejected: Access denied (state 14)."

    I have raised several support tickets without even an acknowledgement and no-one is answering any of their phone numbers. This is all day Thursday the 12th Nov and they are for sure loing me business and pi$$ing off my customers and potential customers.

    Seriously not impressed.

  6. nigelhetherington

    UK2 worst ever technical support

    Since the 6th November I have had no access to my POP accounts. I have sent eleven support request to UK Technical Service and have received no response.

    This is not the first time the UK2 technical support have chosen not to answer support emails. Previously I was forced to write to Stuart Parry to request help from the technical department after weeks of support requests ... and I stayed with them ... duhh

    What sort of s shoddy company will not reply to customers requests for technical support, not reply to eleven support requests over the previous seven days? who UK2 ... probably the worlds worst service provider ... hope the migration away will be less painful!

  7. AndyLoynes


    After waiting nearly 17 minutes for someone to answer the sales line I've been told all emails will be restored by close of play today. We shall see. Meanwhile UK-2 Limited is late filling its accounts.

  8. AndyLoynes


    Ps. If a Reg journo wants a look at that late filing:

  9. karabuni

    Mail server

    Our UK2 incoming emails are working OK - the Register email reminding me of my password arrived instantly (or thereabouts). We don't UK2 use for outbound mail.

    If you are unable to access POP3 mail using a client, it may be that you need to change the name of the incoming mail server. Before the "issues"/outage/ collapse (nice to the see the word "problems" appear in some of UK2's status postings), the name of the server was "pop. … .net" (forgotten the rest).

    The new system uses "".

    Logging into the old name was still possible, but there were no new emails. This new server name is mentioned on a UK2 FAQu page, about using SSL/changing ports.

    In Apple Mail, the new name needs to go in the Preferences/ "Accounts" pane: Incoming Mail Server". Presumably MS has this hidden somewhere in Outlook, but UK2's support generic email reply said

    "Your email in Outlook should work just fine with the same settings as before now"

    (even though I'd said it was Apple Mail I used).

  10. andyxc


    The new mail system sort of works a bit better - i now only get 10 emails a day, with 2 or 3 'real' emails, instead of the 80 or 90 that was usual a few weeks ago.

    I've had problems looging on and getting mails for several weeks.

    But I don't know how many real emails have got lost in the changeover.

  11. robsterooni
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    still broken

    Still don't have all of my email restored, despite all the "..within 24 hours.." crap they have been spouting. They are not responding to my tickets or emails anymore, but I am just a paying customer so why would they? I have demanded a refund and will be going elsewhere - but obviously I haven't heard anything back from them - that would be too easy.!

  12. simonlondon

    Even WebMail failed late Friday 13th

    I have been without POP email for 10 days and surviving on WebMail during all that time. That causes our small busines big problems because we rely on automatically processing incoming emails via Exchange Server. We cannot do that with WebMail. That therefore causes a lot of additional work for our staff. However, if that wasn't enough, since about 7pm Friday 13th November, even WebMail was down. When trying to log in to Webmail I get the following message:

    Welcome to the new UK2 webmail interface.

    Engineers are still working on our email system and old emails and settings will be

    restored to your mailbox as data is copied to the new system. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Your Team at UK2

    Your email address or password are invalid, please try again.

    I am now totally exasparated and woried that even WebMail won't be working by Monday 9am!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Has anyone heard from UK2 recently ? Their last status update about the email was on Thursday, when a restoration of pre-crash emails was promised "soon". Should we be worried about the silence ?

  14. bigredbus007
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    UK2 not working at all !!

    My new client paid almost £300 on 4th November 2009 and is still waiting for the cpanel to give her access to her web space. Their support staff don't answer emails; she can't get hold of them on any of their numbers; and she is now trying to get a refund.

    Maybe they can afford to lose customers but I can't. I have never dealt with such an appalling hosting company in almost 25 years of web designing and I certainly won't be recommending them to anyone else.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Double gosh

    After four days of silence, I got this email in overnight. Doesn't exactly fill my soul with hope given that, ten days after the outage, they still don't know when they'll have the emails back. Doubly scary that they've stopped mentioning the problem on the support page - perhaps they feel the publicity is too negative for them



    Unfortunately, we still do not have an ETA as to when the transfer of emails will be finished. Any updates on this issue will be posted at the status blog at We thank you for your patience.


    Matt Reeder

    Technical Support

    UK-2 Ltd


  16. Doire

    Old emails gone

    For couple of weeks I've been able to, on a good day, send and receive webmail from the new page https://mail.UK2 .net/mail and see my old mail, albeit with Firefox complaining about a mismatched certificate, at My mail client wouldn't connect. It was just about workable for someone who doesn't want to re-establish a new social email address.

    And now my mail still isn't migrated, but the old mail is gone. Well done UK2, this is just what I paid for.

  17. abeautifulnoise

    Not Just Lost My Email, They've Lost My Domain

    My Domain!

    My domain was up for renewal on Oct 12th. UK2 Net took the money from my account but I'm not sure they ever paid Tucows as my domain now directs to their page.

    UK2 have ignored all service tickets I've raised. I'm getting the feeling that this is a company struggling to stay in business

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