back to article Britney's Twitter feed hacked again

Britney Spears' Twitter profile was again seized by hackers on Thursday. Pop-savvy malefactors broke into her account to post a message apparently suggesting the troubled pop star had sold her body and soul to Satan in the hopes of speeding up the apocalypse. Oops, they did it again The tactics employed by the hack are …


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  1. Piro Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    First good use of Twitter


  2. Andrew 63

    Obviously hacked again at 3pm!

    I give myself to Lucifer each day for the new world order arrives as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!

    3 minutes ago from web

    Utter fail.

  3. Your alien overlord - fear me

    So Rik...

    you subscribe to Britney's twitter feed then? And how old are you ?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    How can we be sure she was hacked? Maybe she has given herself to Lucifer.

    Maybe she IS Lucifer!!!

  5. Jon 66


    ...i did it again

  6. Chris iverson

    I knew it

    She was a Gelgamek. It all makes sense now

  7. James O'Brien
    Paris Hilton


    I'm with Your alien overlord - fear me on this one bro. I knew your were a Mac fanboi but a britney fanboi as well? Ewww just ewww

    /PH because I need something to get that sight out of my head

  8. Originone
    Jobs Horns

    Playmobil please

    Can we pretty please have a playmobil of brit giving herself the the horned one?

  9. Ari 1


    I think Britney's just a little dyslexic.

    You see, she meant to say that she was celebrating St.Lucia's day's_Day and then went on to advertise her belief in Santa.

    Which actually wouldn't be all that surprising

    Mine's the one with the spell checker in the pocket

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    difficult hack?!

    Britneys new password...


  11. Rik F

    You myopic fools

    I find it almost impossible to believe that a group of otherwise discerning individuals can fail to see the brilliance of Ms Spears.

    I follow Ms Spears Twitter feed closely as I fervently believe her to be the incarnation of the new Messiah. She will lead us to salvation through the glory of her undeniable musical genius and the sheer poetry of her lyrical talent.

    Yea, verily I say unto thee, deny the foul temptress Aguilera, spurn the blasphemous stench of Shakira.

    Step into the light, step into the light with Britney she is here to raise you up.

    Or something.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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