back to article Cross-platform Safari update shoots down multiple bugs

A new version of Safari tackling numerous security bugs was published on Wednesday, just two days after a major operating system update from Apple. Both the Mac OS X and Windows versions of Safari need updating to version 4.0.4 1. The latest version of Apple's browser software tackles various remote code execution, system …


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  1. Chris Cooke

    nope - doesn't install

    I just tried installing the Safari update on my MacBook but Software Update boaked - says it has the wrong signature, somebody's tampered with it since it was signed by Apple.

  2. Blake St. Claire

    Reboot my Mac?

    Just to install a web browser update?

    Is Mac OS becoming Windows?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Does a joke needs a title?

    As the article requested, and I guess with Moderatix' blessings...

    Safari 4.0.4 - not found.

    Coat - Mine with a jokes book.

  4. h 6


    No, it's not like Windows.

    Safari uses the Webkit rendering engine. Webkit sits is in the OS and gets updated when the Safari app gets updated. Therefor, updating Webkit requires a restart.

    And many apps use Webkit to parse and present information, not just Safari.

  5. Tom Maddox Silver badge

    So, yes

    In short, it is just like Windows, since the reason for Windows needing to reboot is because software updates (wait for it) binary modules which are part of the OS! Windows needs to reboot much less than it once did, while Mac OS needs to reboot more (apparently).

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So h 6, what you're saying... that it's like Windows.

    Internet Explorer uses the Trident rendering engine. Trident sits in the OS and gets updated when Internet Explorer gets updated. Therefore updating Internet Explorer a restart.

    And many apps use Trident to parse and present information, not just Internet Explorer.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: [...]what you're saying...

    In editing my previous post, I accidentally omitted the word "requires."

    "Therefore updating Internet Explorer [requires] a restart."

    I'll admit that *nix doesn't require as many complete reboots since daemons are generally easily stopped and restarted when necessary, and some modules can be loaded into or unloaded from memory without stopping anything significant, but Windows is getting better about requiring restarting the PC for updates though.

  8. Mr Ian
    Thumb Up

    h 6:

    Somebody just got served.

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