back to article Urinating Spaniard soaks Street View's Canaries

Google Maps' UK tentacle is today inviting eager virtual travellers to "take a holiday to the Canary Islands" with its all-seeing Street View, and has provided this handy link so you can fly straight to Playa de las Teresitas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Google's recommended Street View view of the Canary Islands Beautiful - …


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  1. James 55

    You see

    That man is clearly identifiable - especially if you knew him. Deleting photos only after they have been spotted by bloggers etc and spread around the web is not good enough. Once it is out there you can't retract all the copies!

    Street view is baaad, and not even that useful (to me at least)

  2. FreeTard

    They really are taking the piss

    oh yes

  3. Les Matthew

    Is there a reason why

    google street view blurs the hubcaps on cars, is it because they are vaguely head shaped?

  4. Steven Raith

    @James 55

    Er, yeah, but then if he wasn't urinating in public, he woudn't have his image spread across the web by bloggers/tech sites et al.

    It's called karma, and it has been known to be a cruel mistress :-)

    Steven R

  5. frank ly
    Thumb Up

    What I wonder is......

    ....what had he been eating/drinking to get that coloured, fast drying pee?

  6. Gavin Jamie

    Move north

    and it blurs his arse.

  7. xyz Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    He has no shadow....

    Vampiros!! Sure this is from Google street view and not Paris street view?

  8. Martin 6 Silver badge

    Who say's he his urinating

    I can only see his back - his hands are in front of him. probably praying.

    I assume he will be rushing to sue el' Reg and the above posters in London for millions before the £10,000 ap comes in

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Spaniard?!

    Nah, this guy is clearly an English booze boy since he is wearing a replica England Away jersey. Credit where credit is due, please ;)

  10. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    @ You see

    Actually, I like the idea of Streetview itself, but you have hit the problem in one: unless they do the masking right it is going to be impossible to warrant the privacy of those on those pictures.

    In addition, ANY pretence at being concerned about people's privacy is exposed as BS by the feature that offers to zoom in on any windows in the image. There is *NO* need for that unless you don't care at all about those behind that window.

    So good idea, bad philosophy (don't try to sell me the "do no evil" nonsense, please, Gates, Ballmer and Jobs would tell you that too), crap implementation.

    Ergo, Fail.

  11. Craig 28

    @steven raith, missing the point

    While yes this guy might (or might not) be guilty. I say this in such a way because due to vision issues I'm relying on the page text to tell me what is going on, but I digress. The main issue is that if this man's face wasn't blurred how many other unambiguously innocent people jus walking the street would be equally unblurred?

    Catching things after the fact isn't good enough, full stop. Being able to see streets is indeed a nice idea, especially if you have distant friends and want to see where they live or check out holiday destinations and so on, but you can't just brush off the shortcomings. Google have made it obvious that they don't care about privacy despite paying it the barest lip service, and also shown they don't care about local sentiment and opposition to the project in the least. This is no way to run a service.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Fred Flintstone

    Uh, I find the zoom feature quite useful to read signs and such. Your lack of imagination doesn't define the utility of a feature.

    As far as privacy goes - las time I checked, you don't have much of an expectation of privacy while pissing on a dumpster next to a public road in broad daylight. It'd be just as easy for someone to grab a photo of him and put some caption on it like, "I HAS INVISIBLE URINAL" or something, with the same end result.

    How many people are looking at any given section of road on street view at any moment, and how many are actually there walking by? I hope you guys complaining about street view being 'baaaad' studiously keep your eyes shut while walking around, lest you invade someone's privacy by using your high-resolution vision to zoom in on someone's living room window...

  13. Andy 70

    what i'm curios about is...

    how did he not spot a black car with blacked out windows with a stack of black boxes on the roof with what looks like lenses all over the place? maybe it's posed? maybe it's intentional?

    hey google car! i'm a drunk brit abroad! check this out! i'm a race horse me!

  14. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Forget the geeza taking a leak

    Check out the terrain.

    What a god-forsaken desert!

  15. Francis Offord

    A proper extraction job Eh?

    As the fat woman said to the fat man: Thanks for the tip

  16. wv9e


    If there was any doubt that some stalker could find you thanks to these ass holes it's never been easier... who cares about a guy pissen, I just wish there were more people flippen the camera car off .

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