back to article iPhone-shunning Wintel mobo bug squashed (for some)

Two motherboard manufacturers have issued BIOS updates designed to fix a bug that prevents certain Wintel mobos from talking to the iPhone. Late last month The Reg reported that some motherboards based on the Intel P55 Express chipset were exhibiting problems when attempting to sync with Apple's iPhone while running Windows 7 …


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  2. John 158

    @ Paul

    I wouldn't really call the price points of either a fresh copy of windows or macosx exactly 3rd world.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    RE: The price you pay...

    "for running at 3rd world Operating System in a 64 bit world."

    What the hell has the OS got to do with it? It was a BIOS bug. Jeez. Besides the problem was also reportedly seen on 32bit Vista so your 64bit comment makes no sense either.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I think

    I'd leave it - it would be great not to have the entire workforce linking to itunes on friday afternoons

  5. OffBeatMammal

    was there a problem?

    I'm running Win7 64 bit and hand't noticed a problem...

    oh, that's coz I didn't pay the iPod tax so don't have to run the iTunes virus and it's helper apps (if I wanted Safari or MobileMe or whatever else I'd install them.... wow, did they get the guy who wrote the McAfee/Norton installers to consult in this)

    Mines the one with the $15 Sansa mp3 player in the pocket

  6. kain preacher

    @ Paul

    Never let facts get in the way of a good rant

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