back to article Xbox 360 Twitter, Facebook clients rated X

Microsoft has confirmed that children won’t initially be able to access Twitter, Facebook and through the Xbox 360, when the social networking duo and online music catalogue launch on the console later this month. The company announced through its Major Nelson blog that Twitter et al would only be available to gold- …


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  1. eJ2095
    Jobs Horns

    Thats if

    they have anybody left on live with all there current bannings!..

  2. Bilgepipe
    Gates Horns


    Perhaps there's still hope, then, that we can create a new generation of kids who aren't obsessed with social networking.

    I saw a fight in the street the other day - apparently some kid poked his mate's girlfriend on Facebook. Nuff said.

  3. Jaques Croissant
    Thumb Down


    Now if they could just extend this policy to Live in general, it might be worth using. The recent rounds of bannings have made things better- but only a bit. It's still lots of giggle 14 year-olds squeaking c*cksucking n*gger and other such gems at each other.

    Irritated that I bought a Live subscription in a moment of boredom...

  4. Studley

    Xbox 300?

    (inevitable duplicate post)

    Is the Xbox 300 some kind of 360-lite which I haven't heard about?

    This is just Microsoft covering its own back, I suppose (and it's not as if they're the first company to take such a stance - see also: Apple's previous Adults-Only rating of dictionary apps). Although from my experience, people fall into one of two camps on this: (1) indignant Mail readers vomiting their disgust about something they're never going to use, or (2) people who just don't care.

    Yesterday in Game I saw a kid who must've been about 10 years old, getting his mum to preorder the (18-rated) COD:MW2 for him (which she did), before demanding that she pick it up at tonight's midnight launch. With this sort of thing being rife, it's a wonder that Microsoft even bothers with this sort of initiative.

  5. Bernie 2

    Does anyone really want to use Facebook on their Xbox?

    Do they really? Really do they?

    Last I checked entering even a short "Twitter style" sentence was an epic mission using the Xbox controller (that's not a criticism - it was designed for games after all). Besides, anyone with Xbox Live has a PC anyway (would you subscribe to broadband just for a games console? Would you really? Really would you?) So why not use your keyboard and save yourself the hassle?

    And assuming you have some hitherto undiscovered mental condition that means you actually do want to use FB/Twitter on your Xbox, and you don't meet the age requirement, you can always lie. Kids are getting GCSEs almost entirely off the back of cheating and plagiarism, they're not going to think twice before ticking the "I'm over 18" checkbox.

  6. Carl Fletcher

    Well that's not right

    “offer an age-appropriate environment for everyone”

    Or not everyone, really...

  7. MarkOne


    That rules out 90% of the Xbox audience then, as everyone knows. Xbox is for little kids 12-17yrs old...

  8. Anonymous Coward


    another new xbox service I dont give two hoots about... "oh really, how interesting!"

    *\. Grabbing my jacket and off to a place where I can play games.

  9. The Original Steve


    Bannings? My friends list is still pretty active.

    Trolling... or just upset as you modded your console and got busted?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    XBOX 300 yeah that's about right

    With all the RRoD failures it never makes it all the way 'round anyway.

  11. Steven Knox
    IT Angle

    Really? Microsoft has actually solved the online age/identity verification issue?

    "The long and short of which will be that Xbox Live members between the ages of 13 and 17 will only be able to use the services if their parents ... know how to define Xbox 360 privacy settings."

    Or is it more like "Xbox Live members between the ages of 13 and 17 will only be able to use the services if the kiddies know how to define Xbox 360 privacy settings, and possibly lift their parents credit card details."?

  12. Drefsab

    @that's if

    lol the vast bulk of the recent bans are the pirate in the last 2 ban waves, if your already ripping microsoft off for the games they don't your business, which if fair enough, so pop out buy a new core system on the cheap put your drive across and learn to check your rips right and don't play pre-release :P

  13. Stuart 17

    Blue moon anyone?

    Hello, can anyboday tell me if there is a blue moon in London tonight? Only the last time I agreed with Microsoft there was!

    Though I have a number of complaint with the 360, like not being able to easily copy music too it and no web browser at the same time I understand their reasonings (certainly with the later), Microsoft of all companies would get slated the most if parents found their kids surfing inappropriate content on their 360s, something I am sure happens on the PS3s but nothing gets said.

    Damn I almost sound like a MS advocate here, guess I better right my wrong:

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Bernie 2

    Thats why you snag yourself a chatpad, mate:

  15. Paul Hates Handles


    Firstly, MarkOne - You're a tit. Most of the people I know with xboxes are in their thirties. It has a fairly broad demographic already :)

    Secondly, sod fapbook and twatter - but I am quite interested in what the addition of LastFM will offer. Streaming audio or even in-game audio based on your LastFM account could be interesting.

  16. MarkOne

    @Paul Hates Handles

    Sounds like you trying to convince yourself that you are non playing games on the "kiddie konsole" as the 360 is known as..

    360 is for spotty teenagers.

    Wii is for grannies

    PS3 is for everyone.

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