back to article Jetpack 0.6 dishes up two major APIs for Firefox add-on coders

Mozilla Labs has released a new version of Jetpack, just two months after the last iteration of its Firefox web extensions package landed. Jetpack 0.6 comes loaded with two major APIs, said Mozilla. One is a secure preferences system and the other allows coders to add and modify menus. The experimental project began life in …


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  1. SilverWave

    Jetpack to replace the current extension system by Firefox 4.0?

    Will old extensions still work with FF4?

    "Jetpack has been in the works for several months now and the progress has been steady. For now, the Jetpack project is still a separate extension for Firefox, but the aim is to have it become an integral part of the browser and replace the current system by the time Firefox 4.0 comes out. "

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