back to article Intel to fast track Atom 2.0 introduction

Expect a raft of new netbooks early next year - you may want to hold off buying one until after Christmas - as Intel plans to make a "fast transition" from the current generation of Atom processor to the next. The chip giant will formally launch the successor to the N270 and N280 on 21 December, website Xbit Labs says after …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Different reason

    Despite the 40£+ price difference NVidia is presently on its way to dominate the current Atom market. 3rd party Intel 945 GMA-driven Atom 330 (dual core) was being discounted to 39£ by some retailers in September and early October. They have now stopped the dumping in the inevitable run-up to Xmas, but it is bound to restart on boxing day.

    If Intel does not deploy something by Xmas which destroys the basis for NVidia proposition they are looking at some misery ahead. They will definitely not be able to sell a lot of the crappy GMAs, surrounding chippery and thermally-half-baked MBs they forcefully bundle with the current Atom MBs.

    Being under scrutiny because of the AMD Intel probably finds it difficult to use their usual method of golf-talking OEMs into "Don not use NVidia or...". So they actually have to "innovate". Hmmm... preparing 50-60£ to get a discounted NVidia from the post-Xmas sales may actually be a good idea...

  2. David Hicks
    Thumb Up

    Didn't think the N270/280 could do 64 bit?

    Otherwise I'd have a 64 bit OS on my eee901.

    Still, maybe time for an upgrade next year then...

  3. Nigel 11

    Not just NVidia

    It's not just NVidia crashing Intel's party, it's VIA as well - the latest VIA Nano 3000 CPUs look very promising on paper.

    It it Intel or just imperfect journalism saying that the two-core Atom is for desktops (i.e. is there something preventing its use in notebooks and netbooks? )

  4. Torben Mogensen


    I wonder if this has any connection to last weeks announcement by Asus that their ARM-based smartbook will be delayed until Q2 2010?

  5. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Not just NVidia

    VIA's Nano 3000 consumes rather more power than the netbook Atoms. So do the nettop Atoms, which is why you're unlikely to see a D510-powered netbook.

    Unless, we're all ready for the 'desktop replacment' netbook. Someone'll try it soon enough, mark my words.

  6. Patrick 14

    Why bother

    I got myself a secondhand Dell d410.

    Nice small 12" screen. 40gb hd upgraded to 160gb.

    came with the longer life battery 4-5 hours+

    2gb ram ddr2 @667

    total cost £130 for laptop with 512mb ram upgrade to 2gb over 2 sodimm £16 from

    Hard Drive was £46

    Total £192 and thats with the Centrino 1.86ghz cpu with warranty too...

    Laptop from the manchester show.

    and the laptop is in really good condition and so is the battery like new the battery

    Show me a netbook with those specs for that money hang on you can't

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Still holding out...

    for an ARM.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Are these processors faster?

    These new processors appear to be a repackaging. What performance improvements are there? Could it be that Intel doesn't feel any competitive pressure so it's not really improving the Atom so as to prevent erosion of their Core parts?

    Not Intel. They'd never do that.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Think you've got the wrong article, you must be after the robot Swede.

    Terribly sorry.

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