back to article Baying mob turns on miniskirted Brazilian uni student

A Brazilian university student has become a national cause célèbre after footage demonstrating just why it's a bad idea to wear a miniskirt to lectures surfaced online. Geisy Arruda, 20, was subjected to a torrent of abuse from a baying mob of fellow students last month at Sao Paulo's Bandeirante University, aka Uniban. So bad …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Typical Brazilian Hypocracy

    Punish the girl, who broke no Brazilian laws, but don't punish the other students who's behavior meets the legal definition of assault.

  2. MeRp


    The color of that mini-dress (since it appears to be a single piece, rather than skirt and blouse) is pretty awful, but was it really so loud that it disrupted the lectures she was in? I can't imagine them being upset about its revealing nature given the fact that every picture and video I ever see of Brazilians, even when not in swimwear, is consistently as revealing, or more so, as this dress, and rarely has the can't look directly at it defense that this thing does.

    Perhaps they were chanting puto because only a prostitute would wear such an obnoxious color?

  3. J 3
    Thumb Down


    That's a horrible shame. That university, which is basically a diploma mill, is huge and very profitable, but of low reputation among people from the public universities -- I have taught some of their students in short Summer courses, and most don't receive the minimum acceptable education in Biology. Some of them can't even write very well, but pass the "SAT" anyway. That some (well, a lot) of their low level students would behave like that is sad, but not totally surprising. That the school's administration would condone their actions is completely flabbergasting.

    I myself will refer to this university as UniTaliban from now on.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Tall poppy syndrome?

    Apparently the problem was that she `drew too much attention' and the university authorities didn't like the way she walked, the way she crossed her legs, etc.

  5. James 55
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    That was a school??

    On the video?

  6. Richard 102

    Wait just a ding-dang minute.

    You do mean Brazil, the South American country, where they have Carnival and Rio and great race car drivers, right? As in "Charlie's aunt from Brazil, where the nuts come from"? Not Brazil, Indiana? Nor Terry Gilliam's movie? THAT Brazil?

  7. John H Woods Silver badge

    crazy ...

    ... they should see what the girls (don't) wear at british unis

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    Well, the "victim" used to wear miniskirts (OK in my books) to school, but it seems in the day they had to call the police she was walking all over the university's building, entering wrong classrooms, talking long walks between classes, apparently enjoying herself.

    The university had some hearings on this issue. They tell us more than the scandal-obsessed media does. It seems that *in the hearings* the girl's behavior was at times excited, at times indifferent.

    Now the poor, poor girl had to expose herself in a daytime interview program called.... "Geraldo Brasil". Pure coincidence. She promptly obliged in showing how she was dressed in that night.

    Just take a look at the photos at , and and see if she appears worried about all this media frenzy. I bet she will get a contract to pose for Playboy (hope they have enough Photoshop licenses) and appear in different shows, all for money.

    This is the real hypocrisy, and not only Brazilian: lots of people are going to watch the talk shows and buy celebrity magazines just to see what they missed in the first time. Nobody cares for the girl, just get her naked already. I suspect that this was her plan from the start.

    BTW, some people are already mentioning that she was probably a "sex professional", if you get the drift. Again, nothing against this per se, but a private university (with a 300-600 reais monthly fee, with most of the students already working during the day and unable to enter a free state university) is not a place to sell her wares.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    University academics

    She may be blonde, have nice eyes, nice lips and a lovely smile and her legs aren't bad either but I'd have still disciplined her.

  10. Martin 6 Silver badge

    Going to make the olympics fun

    Beach volleyball in burkas anyone?

    It seems to be an Olympic disease:

    Vancouver starts off it's olympic campaign by tazering a visitor to death at the airport, London shoots a Brazilian on the tube.

  11. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Very silly.

    This is very silly. I have two comments though:

    1) This mini-skirt is VERY mini. I mean it, it's about as short as it can get without letting it all hang out. I can't believe a whole building would freak like that, but to be honest the dressup was a bit slutty.

    2) But, it's college -- I've never seen or heard of anyone COMPLAINING about scantily-clad college women (except perhaps some nutter yelling how everyone's going to go to hell). A few of the more devoted ones when I was in college wore like a tanktop and short shorts (or short skirt) when it was down to -40 (note, -40C=-40F...) That was record cold, they were definitely running for class! Obviously though most of the scantily claddedness was during the warmer weather.

    3) I REALLY REALLY can't believe this escalated to her getting expelled. Some mob losing it is one thing, but that would have been after the fact when people would have presumably had time to calm down. Even if the Brazillians have somehow turned super-prudish (since the days of them inventing the string bikini...) you'd think she'd get a warning or something.

  12. NogginTheNog
    Thumb Up

    Last laugh

    I've a hunch that though her current course of study might have ended prematurely, she'll now be getting plenty of other (job!) offers in areas more media related (she's not exactly unattractive is she??), so I think she'll end up doing alright out of it in the end. Good on her too!

  13. SonOfAGhost

    Have you seen it though?

    Even by the standards of everyday wear here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Canuckistan (well, OK, maybe not at this time of year) it's not short, barely above her knees. Never mind in the country that invented the thong. Not particularly form fitting either, quite baggy. I really don't see the big deal, there's got to be something more to the story but my Brazilian Portugese comprehension is non-existent.

  14. Matt 13
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    they complained?

    good god! she can wear what the hell she wants! the smalller the better as far as im concerend!

  15. Bad Beaver


    I guess that's my punishment for never learning portuguese, but I don't get it. Not at all. That skirt seems pretty decent compared to what I've seen in my days on campus.

  16. Rob

    Mob mentality

    Seriously! It's not that short, I've seen teenage chavs wondering around this country with skirts that resemble a belt.

    Hope the lass gets to finish her education, although I'm sure the fame will now mean her big break will be in another industry.

  17. fishman


    Those brasilian bikinis are pretty minimal - the only way you could (logically) make a miniskirt more extreme than their bikini is if they didn't wear any panties.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That is scary

    Why was no teacher / professor putting a stop to this ?

  19. Anonymous Coward

    That's where he went...

    It looks like Eamonn Holmes has found work on Brazillian TV nowadays

  20. Richard 81


    I don't get it. It isn't even a very short skirt.

  21. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Live viral education

    See how easy it is easy to make international news , which is now News InterNetional [whether Rupert Murdoch likes it or not].

    Bravo Sao Paulo's Bandeirante University, aka Uniban. A valuable lesson in guerrilla grooming that the the campus will remember and the students appeared to enjoy.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Doesn't paint a very flattering picture of Brazilian society. One can only hope that this victimising culture it is not typical of the Brazilian people as a whole.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Suck it Brazil

    Your international standing has been weaken by allowing such behaviours by the university and student mob.

  24. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Crikey, another exclusive from Channel 9

    Scorchio indeed.

    It is definitely a pretty strange turn of events. Was it tourism or Media Studies?

    Mines the one iwth the collected Fast Show in the side pocket.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Punishing the victim

    Yes, it does seem unfair. You could perhaps compare it with the situation, which has arisen several times, I think, in which a someone expresses highly unpopular political views and finds himself constantly under attack by an angry mob, physically or metaphorically. In theory the authorities should defend the individual's right to have and express those opinions, but in practice they don't have the resources and the disruption is harming many other people so they take the easy way out and "punish" the victim. Realpolitik, or something like that.

  26. Bastiaan van Zwieten

    It can't be the length of the skirt ...

    ... because the colour is the real offence!

    My eyes are hurting after watching this.

    That's still no reason to attack her though.

  27. Neil Greatorex

    IT angle

    There wasn't even a hint of "up skirt" to satisfy most furry-toothed geeks, so come on, where's the IT angle?

  28. John Tserkezis

    Well, if *they* don't want her..

    Plenty of space round this side of the pond... She's welcome here...

  29. TimeMaster T

    UnF'ing believable

    I''ve seen shorter skirts in church.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    How Many?

    You say a brazilian students have been wearing mini-skirts?

    How many is a brazilian anyway?

    George W. Bush.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  32. Alan Esworthy
    IT Angle

    dental floss?

    In Rio, dental floss thongs are so, so, so...1990s! More like carbon nanotubes today.

    The young lady, as AC 16:53 succinctly pointed out, was assaulted for no good reason.

    Do mobile phone pics of pic-taking mobile phones suffice for an IT angle these days?

  33. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Shocking, I say

    Did I do a good impression of the sterotype of a English Lord? Good. :D

    Seriously, though. I'm brazilian, and I can't even start to understand this one. Make no sense, whatsoever. Yes, we have religious nuts (hey, they are everywhere!) - but I never thought so many of them would study on the same place.

    Yes, most of You are right. The color was scary - but it wasn't too short. Well, not too short to justify the reaction (somehow I doubt even someone naked would justify this).

    But, as I said: we have nutters everywhere.

    Oh, before I forget: Just saw on TV: the expulsion was ... whats the word? cancelled? overruled? Anyway, she's back. Well, now she can - I just doubt she will.

  34. Andus McCoatover

    obvious question

    Does she have big bazookas? Is the Pope Catholic??

    'Strewth, after seeing the video, I'd got less manual relief from

    C'mon down!! Pleeease! Just halfway. Yesss!!!!

    Mine's the dirty brown raincoat with no buttons. Saves time, don'cha know.

  35. wsm


    Brazil? Really? Where is the PlayMobil recreation of this one?

  36. Big-nosed Pengie


    Clearly this is a different Brazil to the one of the Girl from Ipanema, Carnivale, topless beaches etc.

  37. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart
    Paris Hilton


    Well I had a quick look on the interweb thingy and it doesn’t say that private Bandeirante University in Sao Bernardo is run by religious fundamentalists whackjobs. Misleading advertising me thinks.

    Paris, the new public face Bandeirante University, ooops, I think I used an extra letter in "public"

  38. JP Strauss

    Was it really about the miniskirt?

    In my experience of university, such things usually come about because the lady is known to be of loose morals. The skirt was probably just the final straw?

  39. Dan 7

    Huh ?

    Who were the students protesting ? Probably some religious group with funny idea's on clothing at a rough guess. Her dress is short yes, but no worse than many other girls wear there.

    Its either nutters, or they all asked her out and she told them to take a hike !!

  40. Sceptical Bastard

    Lucky she wasn't in Stockwell

    A Brazilian attracting attention? In London, our brave boys in blue would have pumped seven shots into her head.

    As others have said, her skirt wouldn't have excited any comment in the UK. But we got rid of Catholicism's warped sexual 'morality' 400 years ago. (That said, I've seen shorter skirts on a Saturday night in Dublin.)

  41. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    See icon just below

    That is all.

  42. Anonymous Coward


    being a 'sex professional' in Brazil is a legal profession and what probably happened is some (IT - for the link to IT) student wanted her but couldn't afford her. He kicked off (probably on Farcebook or MyNoMatesinSpace) and group mentality kicked in.

    Remember a baying mob is comprised of complete losers controlled by one guy (think HItler and 1930's Germany).

    Is that a Brazilian up the middle of the coat ?

  43. moonface

    Horny herd syndrome

    Proof that the madness of crowds can infect even the most academic minds.

    Not sure of the psychology at work here but it appears to be lead by a group of sexually repressed males. A type of collective grudge for prognosticated rejection, that is expressed using the veneer of moral outrage and loss of honor, as an excuse to victimize an attractive female,

    I just wonder if the police were not called, whether the mob would have shown their moral outrage by eventually stripping her of her offending mini skirt.

    On many parallels, it just reminds me of the death captured on mobile of Du'a Khalil Aswad.

    I'm a male and it titilates me! God I do hope I have more sense, than to follow the mob around, if something like this happens around me.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's nothing

    I was working in a brick factory a few years ago, we had to deal with this lady in a miniskirt that was completely covered in brick dust.

  45. Simon B

    What sad country punishes beauty?

    A beautiful woman punished, what a sad sad country.

  46. Francis Offord
    Thumb Down

    Follow the yellow brick road.

    Looks as though their authorities have been taking lessons from the anti freedom police and anti personal choice brigade who currently rule in Britain. Ignoring the actual problems by selecting am individual to persecute rather than the real offender. It was probably caused by a spurned advance towards her after a lewd comment from one who wished to gain sexual favours from her and, when rejected, retaliated by branding her as a whore. In my observation, students do not usually band together in this way without a guiding light prompting them. Most of the young students in my acquaintance are thoughtful and serious most of the time but, being suggestible, have some matter put to them by another and them raise the cudgels for an all out attack. Not the action of considered thjought but that aggravated by a rabble rouser.

    IT Angle

    Just Scroll It Down If A Non-Republican, Irish Neither

    @ "By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 9th November 2009 18:12 GMT

    You say a brazilian students have been wearing mini-skirts?

    How many is a brazilian anyway?

    George W. Bush." re

    processing... done

    1) "I Vote For Nader 2009-11-09 11:55:53 AM

    How many is a Brazilian?" re

    2) #2 2009-11-09 12:10:24 PM

    "With clinging robe of samite, leafy green,

    And bangles serpent-shaped of beaten gold,

    And golden fillet, shone the fairy queen,

    With necklet rich and old,

    Studded with rubles fair and sapphires bright,

    And far, around her, waved her lustrous hair;

    Her cheeks were soft, suffused with rosy light,

    She seemed a goddess there!

    - 'Vivian and Merlin' by Ralph de Tunstall Sneyd (1929) re same fark URL

    3) (-: not lucky matching the position number) "4chan 2009-11-09 12:15:06 PM


    Am I doing it right, I want to hop on the bandwagon of thread jacking to satisfy the flames of my agonizing longing to attack gosh darn non-republicans.

    \Ireland is next, they don't have any GOP members in their lib-tard borders." re same URL


  48. Anonymous Coward

    I am ashamed...

    of being a brazilian. These days, most of the populace seem to be fine humans. Just not the Sapiens variety. The unwashed masses have both feet firmly planted on the gropund, and both hands too, unfortunatelly.

    You know whats the worst part? As someone pointed out, thet uni is just a diploma mill, and ever since it hit the news around here, everyone involved just jumps at blaming the victim. Typical reaction of rapists.

    Thats what impunity will do to a country, in the long run. And be certain: none of these assualters will ever answer for it.

  49. Anonymous Coward

    @AC 19:28 GMT and others

    What dies it matter if she was "slutty"? We are in a democracy, we adhere to the universal chart of human rights and we have a voted constitution. It is not in those students place to "punish" or morally lynch her in that manner. If she was infringing on the uni´s code of morale (yeah, what a joke), then she should have been dealt with according the rules. And those certainly do not mention endorse that behavior by the mindless mob.

    The uni´s security team was actually participating and morally lecturing her, and a friend had to call the police to escort her out. Had them not showed up, I wonder how it would have ended. Mass rape, seemed to be the next step the mob was prepare to go on.

    There´s absolutely no excuse for behaving like a band of horny chimps. There´s no "but she was slutty".

  50. phoenix

    IT issues - Bootnote

    Sorry I have to make the observation that has been done many times before. This is in the BOOTNOTE section of the site. No IT angle needed it is light haerted refreshment from the smell of hot silcon.

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