back to article 'World-mode' iPhone due next year, says fanboi rumor

The Jobsian cult is hard at work on a "world-mode" iPhone capable of tapping both CDMA and GSM/UMTS wireless networks, according to the fanboi rumor mill. Citing a report from investment research firm OTR Global - which cites unnamed sources in the Taiwanese handset supply chain - Apple Insider says this dual-standard Jobsian …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    big deal

    these phone exist already, its a quad band dual sim phone. no news here.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    World Mode?

    Surely the current iPhone is the "World Mode" model, as it works on the vast majority of networks in the world other than in the US? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call the new dual standard version the US or NA (North American) model?

    Oh and a request for the developers, please give us the option to turn off 2G support leaving just 3G WCDMA switched on. Not all of us use networks with legacy 2G coverage and looking at the phone only to find out it’s roaming on another network due to being next to their cell site is infuriating. My Nokia phones have had this option for over 5 years.

  3. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    All it needs now is dual SIM..

    Cool, now dual SIM capability like the Samsung and it may be at last a phone you can travel with..

  4. windywoo
    Jobs Horns

    No doubt at a higher price

    Higher price than the previous generation but will be sold as iPhone 3GW. Other than America which seems to have phone networks comparable to tin cans and string, where would this feature be of use? On what other phone than the iPhone would this be seen as a major feature?

  5. Si 1

    2.8 inch screen

    I still can't really believe Apple would release a device with a smaller screen. The current screen is just about big enough to surf the web, read emails or interact with various games and apps. Any smaller though and it would definitely become too hard to see things and anyone with slightly large fingers and thumbs (i.e. me) would have trouble tapping the diminutive buttons many apps have (I already struggle a bit with Rock Band).

    This of course assumes the screen will retain the same resolution as the current phones. A lower resolution screen would most likely require every app released for the iPhone OS to be re-worked for the smaller screen. But if they keep the same resolution, like I said above I think text would be hard to read and buttons difficult to press. Maybe Apple plans this to be a simpler nano-type device that doesn't do much beyond phone, SMS and music?

  6. OrsonX

    it's started!!!!!

    and so the slow grinding of the "rumour mill" begins!!!

    last year we were all so wrong! Remember how the iPhone3GS was supposed to have a 25million megapixel camera & holographic display and all we got was a compass...

    ....this year I'm predicating it'll have a built in iPen, for when you need to write an iNote..

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Canada's Bell-us just spent billions on GSM

    Canada's telco's completely independent and separate Bell and Telus (a.k.a. Bell-us) just spent billions of dollars installing a brand new shared GSM network, from coast to coast, primarily so that they could sell iPhones. LOL.

    Oh well, they make that much in a week of erroneous and/or fraudulent wireless charges.

  8. Nexox Enigma

    @AC 1

    """these phone exist already, its a quad band dual sim phone. no news here."""

    Actually CDMA is no part of quad band, and as far as I know, phones that mix CDMA and GSM in a single handset are nearly unheard of. Still seems of extremely limited usefulness to any end user, since roaming between GSM and CDMA, even in the US, is probably not likely.

  9. Big-nosed Pengie

    Yes but...

    Will it run iCloud 2.0?

  10. Winkypop Silver badge

    World phone?

    Would that be as in the: "World Series"?

    America; funny name, funny people.

  11. Gulfie
    Thumb Up

    Re: Smaller Screen

    Perhaps this is an attempt to make a smaller, cheaper (good lord! surely not!) iPhone. A smaller model would sell well in the far east where miniturisation is popular. It would also open an additional revenue stream in any country it is sold in, IF (a big if) it is cheaper than the 3GS. Might it not keep all the 3GS features? After all, a smaller screen -> smaller case -> smaller battery. Something to get my kids perhaps to stop them eyeing my iPhone with envy...

    Hey, what the heck, how about a _replacable_ battery?!

  12. Ascylto
    Jobs Halo


    The iPhone 3GW will retain its present screen size but will be smaller. It will have 'Sandal Camp' and thus be able to run Widows Mobile.

  13. Wrenchy

    Well, well, well...

    Looks like Apple is trying to suck up to Verizon, begging on their hands and knees to put the iPhone on the Nations Best 3G Coverage Network!

    "Oh Mr. Seidenberg, please allow us to place our humble iPhone 3GS World Phone on your kick-ass network" "We've learned our lesson with AT&T and we're willing to loose our massive phone subsidy just so we can sell more iPhones to your loyal customers".

    (Seidenberg)"Thanks for the offer Stevie-boy, we'll think about it..." "I'll get back to you."

  14. Anonymous Coward

    RE:Canada's Bell-us just spent billions on GSM

    I think you find that the shared network that Bell/Telus have just rolled out is actually UMTS not GSM running on 850 and 1900MHz.

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