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Elgato's previous EyeTV DTT Deluxe, which we reviewed in September 2008, was heralded as the world's smallest USB TV tuner. Just over a year on, and the company has launched a second record breaking tuner - one that's about half the size of its predecessor. Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe Elgato's EyeTV DTT Deluxe: ridiculously …


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  1. Ian Ferguson


    ...if you can get hold of one. I've been trying since it went on sale, but it's constantly out of stock.

    I don't suppose you want to get rid of your review unit?

  2. Richard Scratcher

    Vyvyan, eat the telly!

    Surely this this sort of diminutive device will be the final nail in the coffin for the UK TV licensing system.

    Not that I would wish to withhold Auntie Beeb's income, but how could the authorities prove that someone's multimedia home entertainment system was also being used to watch live TV?

  3. Hardcastle


    Well, now... the new Mini-Me kit comes with THC? Does it catch its updates at 4:20?

    Mine is the one with THC in the stash pocket...

  4. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I want one

    Must have!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    can't use two?

    EyeTV can use two receivers at once; in the past I've used it with a DVB-T and DVB-S receiver simultaneously to get Freeview and Freesat. So there would have to be some particular reason why it would be made not to work with two of these - I can imagine it might be that the user interface simply doesn't easily allow you to distinguish and select between them? This seems plausible when they show up in the menus as the branded name of the device. In which case a bug report is in order; they tend to be responsive about that sort of thing.

    Hm, I'm not a USB geek - there is a way to uniquely identify devices of the exact same model in USB isn't there?

  6. PaulK

    Can I have a really big one please

    All this small stuff is really neat but I keep losing the bastards.

  7. itbod

    When reviewing these items...

    Please compare with e.g. a Domestic freeview TV/ STB (E.g. the Sony Freeview Box) and see how many channels that picks up in comparison with the same aerial.

    Else it is hard to gauge performance

  8. Robert E A Harvey

    'doze, fruit, what about penguins?

    Does this work with any of the Linux systems?

  9. Dr Richard

    EyeTV supports multiple tuners and has since version 2

    I use 3 tuners with EyeTV 3 on a Mac Mini .. an EyeTV 400, a 410 and a Miglia Mini ... can't see why two of these would not work together as each would have a different usb location id.

  10. JMB

    Elgato DTT Deluxe world's smallest USB TV tuner

    With devices like this and WiFi dongles, I keep wondering why no one puts a USB socket at the top of a laptop's screen. It would be the ideal location for anything with an aerial.

  11. Andrew Woodvine

    Use tvcatchup and save £80

    It's nice but with it's not something I would need.

  12. Hardcastle
    Paris Hilton


    "Can I have a really big one please"

    That's what Paris said...

  13. Hardcastle


    "With devices like this and WiFi dongles, I keep wondering why no one puts a USB socket at the top of a laptop's screen. It would be the ideal location for anything with an aerial."

    That's a brilliant idea that the OEMs should seriously address. The only caveat would be to make sure that aerial is retracted before shutting the lid so that you don't poke your ocular scanner with pokey aluminium...

  14. SirTainleyBarking

    I love it

    But unfortunately I can see me losing it very quickly indeed

  15. Christian Berger

    Idea to test such recievers

    Well the most sane way to test recievers would be to take a good yagi antenna point it at your local transmitter. Then ask at the transmitter if they are transmitting at their normal power and feed the signal through several attenuaters to the recievers and determine how many you can have until you have no reception any more. With this you are determing the noise figure of the reciever which is probably the most important parameter of those tuners.

  16. Alan Denman

    dangle dangle

    Is it going to look so superior with an extra long co-ax cable attached or even with just a decent indoor aerial.


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does it do DVB-T2?

    Which is marching itself in our direction as we speak.

  18. DGL

    Elgato DTT Deluxe world's smallest USB TV tuner

    Far too expensive.

    Should be focusing on Linux OS.

  19. Paul Shirley

    stop reviewing thw shovelware bundled with these things

    I don't understand why they supply half assed tuner software with these sticks apart from the obvious need to stop ignorant punters mix&matching tuner hardware. Stop reviewing the software they supply, its ALWAYS crap, test the damn sticks with things like MediaPortal,MythTV, GBPvr or ProgDVB. Software able to use all the capabilities of the hardware and not throw a hissy fit it you use someone else's tuner.

    FFS does anyone with a clue actually use the piss poor crap supplied with DVB tuners?

  20. George 24


    It is so small, great. But without a super strong signal, you need an external antenna. So you have a tiny USB dongle a convertor for the coax and a coax cable. I'll take the DigitalNow TinyTwin any time. Yes it is bigger but it has 2 HD tuners. Support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  21. Dan 55 Silver badge

    @stop reviewing thw shovelware bundled with these things

    Elgato's Mac software is generally recognised as the best there is.

    MythTV on the otherhand was a weekend spent banging my head against a brick wall before being unceremoniously uninstalled. I'm sure in the past year it's come on in leaps and bounds, maybe it even starts up now instead of simply displaying a screen full of errors while attempting to talk to the MySQL backend.

  22. NickGriffin

    What's it like on the move?

    Ie. if i'm bombing down the East Coast Mainline at 120mph does it hold a signal?

  23. Paul


    @anon coward

    why should they do DVB-T2 when people are ignorant of it and then they can sell you the upgrade in 6 months time.

    anyway, t2 has only just been ratified and the only hardware out there is pre-production samples and lab-made prototypes for compatibility testing

    as a happy use of Sony PS3 PlayTV, I would add that I'm eager for usb DVB-T2 dongles to be available soon, as that product does mpeg4 DVB-T for mainland europe and australia

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What I'd like to see is

    a reasonably swift development into digital tv accessibility.

    Not just the "here is what you get" based on merely an additional line or two of text. No, much, much more than that.

    And it would seem to be a sweet challenge? WinCE, AIR, ... ?

    Even set top boxes have operating systems and sockets ...

  25. Christian Berger

    @Dan 55

    Well I have to agree, MythTV is almoust as bad as those supplied software packages. I mean who in their right mind would use a MySQL Server for that kind of thing.

    The standard solution for DVB is however VDR.

  26. Gulfie

    Re: One at a time limitation

    The eyeTV is USB based and is chucking more than 1.5Gb per hour () down the wire. That equates to a sustained stream of about 5Mbits per second. Elgato (like all the other USB TV vendors) tell you not to plug the device into an external hub, but only directly into your PC/Laptop, otherwise bandwidth starvation can be an issue. Remember that even the USB ports on your PC/Laptop go through an on-board hub and the available bandwidth will still be shared by all the devices plugged in to the machine.

    Perhaps they fear that trying to handle two channels would lead to resource starvation - either processor, or bandwidth to the hard drive when recording. I have a TV card in one PC that can handle two channels, but then it is PCI...

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Absolutly pointless if you can get a wifi feed and 'tune in' to iPlayer...Ok its smaller than a 3g dongle.

    Surely a BT Remote would be the better option? (they needn't bother with a BT reciver or sell as an option) this could then facilitate Multiple Tuners and would eliminate the need for the dongle to be line of sight.. then this would then work for desktops, underdesk towers, slimlines with rear only USB etc..

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Focus on Linux? Why? A target market with 0.4% penetration and you have to watch television on the command line?

    My, that makes sense.

  29. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)


    iPlayer doesn't (yet) do other channels and gobbles Wi-Fi bandwidth. TV broadcasts don't.

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