back to article Three critical fixes in store for MS November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to deliver six updates - three critical - as part of its November Patch Tuesday cycle. All three of the critical updates due on 10 November involve patches for Windows. Tuesday is also due to bring two "important" (ie. slightly lower risk) updates for Office and another "important" Windows-related security fix …


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  1. Newt_Othis

    Oh God - not more OCS updates!

    If only we had an entire copy of our network suitable for test deployments of MS patches.

    Still trying to get our OCS 2007 system back after the October updates hosed it...

  2. Jimbob 3

    Patching Specialist?

    What on Earth is a 'Patching Specialist'? Someone who clicks on the yellow shield or someone who actually reads the release web postings?

  3. Shades

    speaking of patches...

    ... it would appear MS have got the hump with my refusal to install the latest version of "my favourite browser that I'm most comfortable using"* (Firefox??) and no longer seem willing to supply me with further patches! Oh, tell a lie, they actually pushed me an update to IE6 the other day but other than that they seem to be giving me the cold shoulder.

    *Thats like walking into PC world [*shudder*] only for the salesdroid to tell me "here's a computer with your favourite OS that you're most comfortable using". What? You're selling Amigas**??

    ** He he, managed to shoe-horn the Amiga into this comment! :-)

  4. Thomas Martin

    You gotta wonder

    You gotta wonder how many more flaws there are in Windows, any version. They are like the Enegizer bunny, they just keep going and going !!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Patching Specialist

    In the windows world a "patching specialist" is someone who can, among other tings, read and understand what the patches do. One of the lies Microsoft originally used to sell windows to company executives was the assertion that they need not pay for highly skilled personnel for administration and maintenance. Therefore, someone who actually has some notion of proper maintenance must be termed a "specialist".

  6. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Patching Specialist?

    IMHO, that this refers to someone who clearly does not know their left hand from their right given the quality of the recent patches to eminate from Redmond.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    A 'patching specialist' is the person that just clicks the shield and crosses their fingers. To actually read the postings, takes a 'patching technician'. If you want someone that actually understands it, then you'd need a 'patching engineer'.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    LINIX doesn't need patches.

    And Macs dont get viruses.

    Windows sucks.

  9. Sureo

    Patching the patches.....

    So they're patching the patches that they patched before and failed to fix the bugs in the earlier patches?

    Is that why my XP system runs slower and slower?

    @Thomas Martin: they never will fix all the bugs. They're writing new buggy code faster than they can ever find and fix the bugs. The corporate bottom line is measured in rolling out new features, not reducing bugs.

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