back to article US woman to drop sprog live on internet

A 23-year-old US teacher has decided to broadcast the drop of her first sprog live on the internet, thereby becoming a human "textbook" for those seeking birthing enlightenment. A shot of pregnant Lynsee, courtesy of MomsLikeMe Minnesota mum-to-be Lynsee (pictured), will share the experience with registered members of …


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  1. h4rm0ny
    Paris Hilton


    Western culture is getting horribly removed from the actual biological facts of life. Children would once have seen natural birth in daily life. Now it's a strange thing for many. The only people you tend to see naked are starved models and celebrities causing some very skewed perceptions about what a normal body types. Death is another thing tidied away from society. A little while ago, we had someone show their death on the Internet - and that was kind of a good thing, showing a natural process that is increasingly turned into a great mystery. If someone is giving birth on the Internet, then that helps restore a natural process to being a normal part of people's awareness.

    Paris, for the complete start to finish process. ;)

  2. Toastan Buttar
    Thumb Down

    What's the point ?

    There already exist plenty of educational videos of women giving birth. What happens if something goes horribly wrong during this delivery whilst it's being broadcast live ?

    A bad idea.

  3. Michael Parker
    Jobs Halo

    There's an app for that...

    ...with push... push... PUSSSSHHHHH technology...

  4. ElFatbob

    Oh, FFS

    'I hope to give women a sense of empowerment and joy because it's a very miraculous everyday event'

    How does watching your face contort with pain, as something approx 2-3 times the weight of a melon comes out of your lady garden, empower anyone?

  5. Paul Rogers

    yes I can just see it now


  6. Paula
    Thumb Down


    I wonder how "empowered" her child is going to feel when it grows up enough to appreciate how its being exploited as a teaching aid?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    nowt wrong with that..

    Conception has been on the net for many years...

  8. Beelzeebub

    No thanks

    Seen it 3 times already, can't watch it again.

  9. adnim

    No thanks

    What a lame excuse for that search for those "fifteen" minutes of fame. I am sure there is plenty of footage of child birth around should one wish to see such a thing.

    Watch one's own child being born maybe... someone else's, not if you paid me.

    And what is it that makes pregnant women think that pregnancy, let alone child birth is a visually beautiful thing?

  10. The First Dave



    Babies should not be seen until after they have had their first bath.

  11. Graeme 7

    Is this really any different to a birthing video?

    I'm quite sure there are plenty of birthing videos out there. How is this really any different to any of them?

    It's not as if it's the sort of thing where you will be logging on to see how the action unfolds. And now that I mention that, apparently you aren't even going to see the action end. So actually this is probably less useful than a birthing video. Especially since there probably won't be any helpful commentary, just some woman panting and gurning.

    The only people I can think of who would be interested in this are people into birth-porn, and having seen such things I can't think they could possibly exist.

  12. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Call me a cynic but...

    All sounds very noble, however I have a suspicion this is being done to secure some nice lucrative wonga/prezzies post-birth from all the various baby product companies ready and willing to slap her mug on anything they can!

  13. ElNumbre

    Assumption FAIL!

    Why did I immediately think this was Kerry Katona, or on second thoughts Jordan Price.


  14. Cameron Colley

    RE: Good!

    I have to agree with h4rm0ny about people being too removed from birth and death.

    If, as has been mentioned, it goes wrong, or turn into "GGGIIIVEEE MMMEEEEE DDDRRRUUUGGSSS!!!!!" then hopefully it could be shown to 12 year old girls to gently dissuade them from having unprotected sex in their teens.

  15. HansG

    Miniature coverage?

    Bet there's no Playmobil for that!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now, how does this stand in the light of the extreme porn laws?

    I mean, it might be softcore, but there's definitely going to be material here from which the preggoporn afficionado could obtain some jollies...

  17. Mike Flugennock

    Hey, lady; 1998 called...

    ...and they want their stupid-assed, totally-played Internet media gimmick back.

    And, no, I do _not_ want to look at your goddamn' Baby Bump. Yeeeesh. Frickin' famewhores.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Show it to all teenage girls...

    ... and it may make them think twice about getting pregnant at 13 or 14.

    I know it takes to two to make a baby, and both parties need to take responsibility - but ultimately it is the girl that has to give birth.

    Watching my daughter being born was the most awe insipring thing I have ever seen though.

  19. Adam 10


    They showed us a very graphic video of childbirth back at school during sex-ed when I was 8 (21 years ago). They showed us a different, still very graphic video at secondary school during sex-ed when I was 14.

    In both cases they showed us the full "John Hurt moment" in great detail. Once things start coming out, the snickering at the back disappears very quickly even amongst the most immature of schoolboys.

    Do they not show this sort of thing in sex-ed in the US?

    BTW it is horrific to watch. The miracle of childbirth is only a miracle when it's your child and even then you're pushing it.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Seen it

    The majority of us have all witnessed childbirth. It would have been the first thing I saw. I can't recall it myself, but I'd imagine it was seen from quite a different perspective than what this woman's offering.

  21. Kris Chaplin

    Won't somebody think of the children?

    Is the babys surname going to be Trueman by any chance?

  22. ElFatbob
    Thumb Down


    'A little while ago, we had someone show their death on the Internet - and that was kind of a good thing, showing a natural process that is increasingly turned into a great mystery. '

    I'm not sure if you're referring to the suicide that was web cast, but if you are, your comments are quite sad.

    'If someone is giving birth on the Internet, then that helps restore a natural process to being a normal part of people's awareness.'

    Let's be clear, most people will log on to try and get a 'snatch shot', not out of some deep desire to connect with their inner hippy.

    You can dress these things up as much as you want, but it's just voyeurism.

  23. Steven Jones

    @Kris Chaplin

    Very clever - although Jim Carrey has to be the most annoying actor into the world, made 100x worse by his ignorant and dangerous anti-vax rhetoric.

    (nothing to do with the story of course, but any hint of a reference to Jim Carrey brings out the wors in me).

    As for the subject matter - nothing new. It's been done live on UK TV in the past and Jacob Bronowski included a birth sequence in hi 1970s series "The Ascent of Man" which was shown on live TV.

  24. Stratman

    No title

    When I was at school, way back in the stone age we were shown the film (yes, film) of a baby's birth in biology. It provoked the usual responses but nothing like those when we played it backwards.

    Now that IS funny.

  25. peyton?

    @Adam 10

    "Do they not show this sort of thing in sex-ed in the US?"

    Yes they do - and for multiple methods. Seen it "regular", birth @ home, underwater, in some sort of squatting position...

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    What a stupid word. By merely existing it implies that power is granted from others, which generally defeats the purpose of those trying to use it.

    If you really want to be all gay about "empowerment" I'd have to say Ann Rand was closer to the truth. Those who have power take it. It is not given to them.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I for one...

    ..bow down to our liberal-minded-heavily-pregnant-romantically-afflicted-internet-savvy overlords.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Breeder syndrome

    Yes everyone cares so much about your brat they want to watch it on the interwebs. or maybe not.

  29. h4rm0ny


    You think the majority of people will be logging in for (your words) a "snatch shot" ? Well there might be a few people into "giving birth porn" - I can't imagine there are many. As others have said, it's more likely to put you off than turn you on. But if a few people get their jollies from it, it doesn't much matter. You're against harmless pleasure, are you? The rest of the people can watch it out of curiosity about an important part of life that was once very familiar to people and is now very behind the curtains for a lot of people.

    And as to my comments about "that suicide" being sad, well it was an assisted suicide in a caring facility for someone who was in chronic pain. They wanted to show their death with others to show people a facet of life that is often taboo. That's there choice and I think for some people, they probably succeeded in their aim of making the process a little more familiar and natural seeming. And that may help others so I'm all for it. It was their choice, after all. Just like this lady. No-one is forcing anyone to watch it.

    A martian, because we don't know where the father's from. Could be amanfrommars for all we know. ;)

  30. Richard 102

    Push 'im out, shove 'im out, waaaay out!

    More salsa?

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    i wonder

    If anyone's mentioned that women often have 'accidents' while giving birth. I hope she enjoys having that broadcast to the world!

  32. Mike Flugennock
    Thumb Up

    @Stratman 6th November 2009 14:10 GMT

    Alright! Another backwards film freak heard from.

    My parents and teachers honestly couldn't figure out what we saw in that. Running stuff backwards gave it this strange, surreal, dada-esque quality, real but unreal.

    My own personal fave was, in our senior-year film class, watching the last ten minutes of "Guns Of Navarone" backwards. Man, was _that_ ever a treat. We had the whole class howling.

  33. asiaseen

    Hubby Anders is apparently on board for the ride

    One hopes he was on board for the ride from the beginning or someone has some explaining to do.

  34. Cris E

    that IS funny

    >> It provoked the usual responses, but nothing like those when we played it backwards. Now that IS funny.


  35. Kevin Reader
    Paris Hilton

    This all used to be on UK TV a lot....

    If i remember correctly and I think it must have been either about 1979 or 1983 there was a period where UK TV got permission to broadcast (quite graphic) film of births. I think one station ran a clip and then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. For a few months it seemed impossible for a week to go by without a birthing going on on the box.

    I'm assuming rules changed (again) or everyone got bored with it due to saturation programming. Since those days I don't recall it being in normal programming ever again.

    Paris - because its likely to be the only way we never see her.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    empowerment (lol)

    "I hope to give women a sense of empowerment and joy because it's a very miraculous everyday event. We're just sharing the story from the empowerment and emotional aspects."

    yay another woman with another cliched statement about being pregnant to justify their attention whoring, newsflash pregnant women you are not sexy, no one want to see or cares about your disgusting breeding habits... btw miraculous events dont happen everyday, being pregnant is no miraculous event, circle of life you know even blow flies do it.

  37. JC 2
    Paris Hilton

    So is it PC to say...

    Attention Whore?

    Paris, because she wishes she where the first but without the being pregnant factor.

  38. Paul Uszak

    Just nerds reading this?

    Pretty biased commenting here eh? I'm just as frightened of the birth thing as the next geeknerd, but in the interests of fairness perhaps we should allow them(!) to express themselves.

    Just as a matter of interest, has a female of the opposite sex ever posted on this site..?

  39. This post has been deleted by its author

  40. This post has been deleted by its author

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    regret ??

    has nobody told her women sometimes poop on the table ???

    need poo icon plz

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