back to article Memory maker to sell films on Flash

Memory specialist Kingston Technology is to sell movies on memory cards. In a deal announced with Paramount last night, the company will pre-load the cards with full-length films. The devil will surely be in the detail, and that's probably why neither Kingston nor Paramount provided any. Which movies will be included? When …


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  1. Bassey


    This sounds brilliant. My Philips telly has a USB port as, obviously, do all the PC's. DVD's are a pain in the backside as they keep getting scratched (bloody kids) and I don't see the point in BluRay as it suffers all the same problems (scratching, slow start-ups). This sounds like the dream solution to me. Be interesting to see how the DRM is managed with regards personal backups.

    I'm not a free-loading thief, like many around here, but I do object to copy protection systems that prevent me making a perfectly legal backup copy and force me to re-buy or find "other" sources when the kids have been playing Frisbee with Wall-e.

  2. Hans 1
    Paris Hilton


    Are these guyz mad, I thought we had a standard for movies, what was it again, HD-DVD or something? Did they not try something similar with music years ago?

    Paris because you do not have to buy her to get by ...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sounds like these will be some kind of video packaged in an .exe to run it indepentantly of system codecs/video players... just like them video postcard programmes that makes webcam video into exe for email (yes, exe and email very clever).

  4. Matt 13


    Solid state is all very good, but dont forget an SD card can be a lot more fragile than an optical disc... scratch a CD/DVD/HD-DVD/BD and you can polish out the imperfection and keep on trucking.. yank an SD at the wrong moment and bang, all data gone! I know that is generally due to an interupted write process, but you still get catastrophic data loss... I have over 200 DVD's and BD's and the number that are un playable is pretty much zero. on the other hand Ive had USB flash drives, SD cards and Memory Stick all corrupt in an unrecoverable way...

    on the other hand, Im all for a 50gb SD card with a film for less than a tenner :)

  5. Lotaresco

    Not well thought through

    So I take my nice, shiny USB drive to the store and ask them to fill it up with DVDs. Then I have to stand around the store for about 10 minutes for each DVD downloaded to the drive and up to an hour and a half for each high definition movie.

    I think I'd rather wait until the inevitable moment when it appears on Freeview.

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