back to article Firefox and Chrome updates spike stability bugs

Mozilla has pushed out a new version of Firefox that fixes a number of stability bugs that pose possible security concerns. Firefox 3.5.5, which comes only a week after the release of 3.5.4, addressed a start-up crash problem and crashes in the GIF image decoder of the open source browser, among other bugs (as explained here …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Thank god, my FF was freezing every day. I was about to install another browser.

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    Browser updates

    if firefox make a browser which dont crash or have any bugs and is fast id be happy to use it again but with all there updates which some clearly arnt getten 100% fixed i ant gonna touch it the reason why i moved awy from firefox was because it was bloated and felt as if spyware was included lol. also its memory problem isnt fixed despite numerous fixes neither have fixed it. so as far as im concerned im staying with ie for the moment id be interested to see what internet explorer 9 has to offer.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Browser Updates

    2 things:

    "Firefox" don't make browsers, have never made a browser, and will find it quite hard to do so in future. This is mostly because "Firefox" is a browser itself. "Mozilla" is likely the name you were after (although, it would be fairly interesting if FF did start coding a browser...).

    2. Please find me a completely stable, bug-free, fast browser. I believe the fact you're moving back to IE may make the above rather hard.

  4. Big-nosed Pengie


    "i moved awy from firefox was because it was bloated and felt as if spyware was included lol"

    I think you might be confusing it with IE.

    Also, send a stamped self-addressed envelope for a list of shops that sell dictionaries and basic English grammar books. Ask Mum to address it for you.

  5. lennie

    using IE8 all the way

    so I've been sticking to one browser for a while now and I've been hearing all the hoopla about other browsers and how IE is crap and things like that (still I don't find IE8 to crap at all), so I decided to try out the other browsers for a change......however, I found myself back using IE8

    1) start up and page loading were faster using IE8 than Firefox 3.5, 3.6 beta and Opera 10 (I didn't enable turbo mode)

    this caught me by surprise as I've heard everyone who hates IE said it's slow...however, that was the case. it was not slow at all.

    2) IE8's fonts look better to me especially when zoomed in

    3) I set my default zoom level to 118% because things are easier to read with that zoomed level for me. it turns out that when you change the zoom level in Opera 10 to something higher than default scrolling becomes horrible. FireFox 3.5 and 3.6beta scrolling was the best out of the three, but I have no problems with IE8's scrolling because it is as good as FireFox's scrolling.

    4) I go for the minimalist look, I hate toolbars, I hate the majority of add-ons...I just want a browser that gives me the biggest screen real estate and I found that in IE8.

    5) IE8 integrates well in Windows 7. all tabs show up in the live previews from the taskbar (I'm going to start calling it "Superbar"). the only other browser that does this other than IE8 so far is FireFox 3.6beta

    I also like that IE8 integrates well with Windows live mail...because that's where I read all my RSS feeds and send and receive mail...I couldn't find out how to add an RSS feed from inside firefox or opera and have it show up in the Windows Live Mail app. it seems at the moment only IE can do that.

    you all can try it out for yourself on your own machines. get yourself a stop watch when testing the browser speeds. it seems the majority of people on the internet are just going by what other people says. I would say try it out for yourself before you make a judgement.....and guys keep this in mind: synthetic tests do not mirror real world tests.

    I can see why DEAD4EVER made his choice to use IE (I presume that he's using IE8...because there's no better IE so far than IE8)

    @Anonymous Coward:

    there are no "completely stable, bug-free, fast browser(s)", and I dont' think because he's using IE would make that any less clearer. the fact is Firefox, Chrome, Opera browsers have all been slipping up lately, they're no longer sitting on the moral high ground looking down on IE, because they have all proven themselves weak in security and no greater than IE8 in this respect.

    @Big-nosed Pengie:

    all I have to say to you is: grow up.

    Mine is the one with the lipstick on the collar...

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Copy 'n' paste broken

    Installed Firefox 3.5.5 on Saturday (two machines, 1 Vista HP, one XP), and now cannot highlight a section of text in a page (ordinary HTML page), Ctrl-C Ctrl-V and have that text available in the clipboard.

    Nice one guys - 3.5.6 coming up ....

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