back to article Second-gen TTxGP e-bike unveiled

The organisers of the TTxGP e-bike Grand Prix series have revealed their off-the-shelf electric superbike at the annual Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Called the Mavizen TTx02, the bike is based on the Agni X01 machine that won the inaugural TTxGP at the Isle of Man TT races in June 2009 and …


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  1. Dave Murray Silver badge
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    First thing I thought when I saw it was KTM. The bodywork and particularly the nose looks like some of their bikes. At least it's black and not that disgusting orange colour they use.

  2. Ian Entwistle

    BSOD at 130 mph! No thanks matey!

    looks nice but part of the whole experience of a bike is the noise, smell and feeling. I just don't think it will catch on for proper enjoyment biking, getting to work in a city maybe but out doing the Trough of Bowland at a fair crack on a crisp Feb weekday just wouldn't be the same IMHO

  3. Hermes Conran
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    The Penguin bike rocks,..

    Mac version is prone to locking up!

  4. The Original Ash

    What happens when the OS...

    ... encounters a race condition?

  5. frog

    Very good,

    but most importantly, is it possible to charge the battery via the usb port.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Not to bad for £25k

    Although im not sure how they are going to get a *nix programer out of there Mums basement long enough to run the thing.

  7. Anthony Chambers

    You've heard rumours?

    It's clearly a KTM RC8 chassis with a battery/motor instead of the usual petrol/LC8 engine. The bodywork, the swingarm, it's all KTM

  8. Anonymous Coward

    "Your files cannot be recovered"

    Linux powered dispatch riders will lose all your tapes!

    I want one :)

  9. GrahamT

    Power cycle

    "Mavzien did say they had tested a bike running Windows"

    Gives a whole new meaning to "System Crash" and "Blue Screen (scream?) Of Death.

  10. Wyvern971

    Looks exactly like the KTM RC8

    Although I love bikes, ultimately on something where power to weight is the main advantage I can't really see electric bikes catching on in the mainstram until they can get close to what petrol bikes produce today with a similar tank range....

  11. The First Dave Silver badge
    Dead Vulture


    So what's the recharge system? Running costs? You could at least make a guess at the latter.

  12. Penguin

    Why oh why?

    Hey I got on just like that in the garage only mines white. No, my mistake. Mines hugely more powerful, runs for more than 6 yards at a time, has the glorious Austrian V twin howl and cost LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE.

    Fair enough they've slapped enough tech on a KTM chassis to give most PCs some serious horsepower envy (Mines the orange leather one please). My problem is that electric power just isn't suitable for a bike. Bikes rule the road for only one reason, they're light. Thats the reason that (ironically) KTMs EXC & SX bikes are so good off road. It's the reason companies spend huge amounts desigining a bike that is as paired down as possible and it's the reason a 180bhp bike can kiss the double ton. I've got a lot of respect for a company like Brammo who know that 'leccy is good for city commutes and that's where it will work and makes sense but until there are some serious battery innovations petrol will always have the edge.

    Who wants to ride a bike that sounds like a Flymo anyway?

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