back to article Latest Moblin Linux polished for netbooks

The effort putting Linux on Intel's mobile Atom processor has seen its latest release, with an across-the-board polish for Moblin. The steering committee of the Moblin Project, the Intel-initiated effort that was spun off to the Linux Foundation earlier this year, proudly announced a raft of capabilities new to version 2.1. …


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  1. Andus McCoatover

    Asus 701? Nope.

    Borks on startup. Pity, this machine would be the perfect match for the lightweight Moblin.

    Dammit - guess the processor's not up to the mark.

    Hope the team can get it sorted.

    (get "illegal instruction line 6 when trying to do some file transfer, which I forget, 'cos I re-stuffed my USB stick back to eeebuntu)

    I, for one would have welcomed the G^HMoblin overlords at the bottom of my garden.

    Could've chosen Paris icon, as I'm sure she'd welcome a good Mobling ^W Nobling ^W Gobling. Whatever.

  2. SisterClamp
    Thumb Up

    Aspire One? No problems

    Worked a treat from a USB stick boot. Loaded fast. Looks rather cute too. My only question is, how do you exit? No, really. Where's the Shutdown button? Couldn't find it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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