back to article Jobs go at Novell

Novell is cutting jobs in various departments and in various countries. The Linux vendor, which has spent recent weeks cutting its UK distributors, will trim between 100 and 130 jobs from its total headcount of 3,900. The cuts come across geographies and departments and staff are getting severance packages based on length of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Please don't go down that path!

    That path being misleading, sensationalistic headlines. Off color: Absolutely, Funny: Please!

    But there is a vast difference between "suspends CONTRIBUTIONS TO pensions" and "suspends pensions".

  2. Adrian Midgley
    Thumb Down

    I think it is SCO Group ...

    which is seeking to draw out the agony of everyone involved. has at least as much as anyone could wish to know about this, carefully and I think reliably written.

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